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About Arian Lev



Arian Lev, entrepreneur, mentor, and internationally recognized expert on the subconscious, has spent more than 20 years researching the secret ingredient thatdetermines what thoughts we think, what we feel, and how we act. Through this research she discovered that there are codes hidden in the depths of the subconscious that activate our brains, and these codes actually account for 95 percent of the reality of our lives.

Arian has worked personally with tens of thousands of people, including members of the Israeli parliament, businessmen, and many others, both religious and secular, from all sectors, in Israel and throughout the world. Through this work Arian has continued to discover the power of the inner world that lies within the complexities of the human subconscious.

In the course of her work and research, Arian Lev has laid bare the structure of the subconscious. She learned how it develops, and how an internal code system is etched into it. That code system becomes a compass that includes a set of commands through which the subconscious activates our brain.

She also discovered that within our subconscious there are 29 unique blocking codes, some of which we inherited and some that were imprinted within us in our early childhood. These blocking codes, which activate the brain and control our emotions, thoughts, and actions, create a reality that causes us to feel blocked from within, or it may even make us ill, regardless of the objective conditions in which we live.

Based on these discoveries  Arian developed the Arian Lev System for Programming the Subconscious, which enables one to permanently release these blockages and to live in a state of fulfillment and realization of one’s full potential. This is done through deep and precise internal programming of these blocking codes, replacing them with empowering codes that support our ability to successfully create the kind of life that we desire.

Another area that Arian Lev has researched for years is the field of energetic frequencies. She found that there are thirteen energetic frequencies in the universe. Some of these are high frequencies that attract a positive reality that is safe and joyful, and others are low frequencies that attract pain and fear. Arian’s research revealed that each of us is connected to one or more of these frequencies, and this affects our ability to create the reality that we want for ourselves. She learned that through systematic, precise inner work we can replace the low frequencies with high frequencies, and in this way we can create for ourselves a positive reality of abundance, satisfaction, and success.

Following these revelations, Arian developed the Arian Lev System for the Science of the Subconscious, through which people gain a sense of absolute inner freedom and the ability to achieve their goals and to attract into their lives the reality that they want for themselves. This is accomplished through a number of modalities, tools, and strategies for bringing about the necessary changes. These tools include the Arian Lev Method for Programming the Subconscious; the Magnet Code Method for attracting a desired reality; the Genetic Code Method for diagnosis, based on a person’s body structure and state of health; the method of coaching via the subconscious; the Subconscious Business Method for business management and sales; and the Energetic Healing Method.

Arian Lev, who has been called “the human X-ray” and “the laser,” is known for her ability to perceive what is going on deep within people’s souls, through her uncanny powers of intuition that enable her to know precisely what is stopping them from fulfilling their dreams.

For years Arian Lev has been well-known in Israel and throughout the world as the founder of a proven, revolutionary, systematic method that enables anyone who so desires to live a life free of all limitations. She has dedicated herself to spreading her powerful message so that as many people as possible will be able to experience inner freedom and to live an unshackled life.

In order to make this vision a reality, Arian Lev founded the Arian Lev Center, which offers individual treatment sessions, facilitated by a staff of exceptional therapists and coaches, all of whom are highly trained and certified in the Arian Lev System of working with the subconscious. The Arian Lev Center is also a school where the science of the subconscious is taught, offering courses and professional training in the workings of the subconscious. In addition, Arian published the book The Truth, bringing to light the secrets of the subconscious, which very quickly became a best seller on

Spreading her influence internationally, Arian Lev met with Louise Hay, introduced her to her groundbreaking approach, and in fact treated her, applying the Arian Lev System. Arian also delivered a highly successful series of lectures in the Los Angeles Jewish community. Invited by the French Senate, Arian spoke to an audience of senior French government officials and industrialists on the subject of integrating Muslims and Christians in the workplace. In addition, Arian Lev attended a rally in support of Donald Trump on Capital Hill in Washington, D.C., and she represented Israel at a conference of the Women's League for the Middle East.

Arian Lev believes that every one of us has the right to live life from the best possible inner place, and with a sense of abundance, happiness, pleasure, and mutual respect. She is confident that our personal work to liberate ourselves will lead to the liberation of all of society and to the societal changes that the world is thirsting for.

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