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We at the Arian Lev Center believe that everyone deserves to live with full knowledge and understanding that he has everything he needs: supportive relationships, love and encouragement, economic abundance, a feeling of security, and a free, liberated society, based on the right to self-expression, tolerance for those who are different, and the aspiration for each person to be who he is and not simply a copy of what others are.

When we live in a free society, without fears, hardship, or strife, we can enjoy the full potential of our happiness, from the viewpoint that someone else’s success only increases our own success and does not detract from it; based on a flow of giving and receiving without keeping track of “who owes what,” and based on love regardless of race, sex, financial status, or appearance.

Why is it so important for each of us to live in a free and liberated society?

Over the course of the last 20 years we have assisted tens of thousands of people in making significant changes and breakthroughs in their lives. These people went through various processes in the Arian Lev System for the Science of the Subconscious, and through these processes they experienced major internal changes, releasing blockages that were hindering them in their lives, and raising their frequency to a frequency of joy and positive growth. Thus, they connected to and strengthened their ability to attract what they want and need, and they created a reality in which they wake up every morning with enthusiasm, going out to face their day with confidence and self-assurance, and going to sleep at night with a sense of satisfaction, knowing that they have used their abilities to the fullest and have achieved their goals and desires.

But all these changes still don’t enable people to experience their fullest potential. Only when the people around them will join them in the process that they have undergone will that society be able to strengthen the impact of the changes they made and bring them up to the next level. This is because every one of us nourishes and sustains the others, and we all serve as mirrors for each other. When one person becomes stronger, succeeds, and thrives, then, subconsciously and automatically, that person raises the people around him as well.

Thus, for example, if we have experienced a change, and the people around us – such as the kindergarten teacher or the shop assistant – have undergone the same change and have freed themselves of the blockages in their subconscious, that change will resonate with us on other levels and in other areas of our lives – through our children, through the food we buy, and in other ways as well. When we release subconscious blocking codes in a large group of people, all over the world, then our personal change – the change each of us experiences – will only intensify and become more powerful with every individual who changes in that way.


The great opportunity


Because the Arian Lev System for the Science of the Subconscious achieves a complete release of subconscious blockages and connects people to empowering codes and high frequencies that enable them to grow and develop, we have a rare opportunity in our times to make profound changes in society, using this system. We can accomplish this through sharing this knowledge and doing deep inner work in groups, organizations, communities, and nations.

On a personal level, releasing blocking codes and transforming them into empowering codes achieves far-reaching results in all areas, including finding the right romantic partner, creating financial abundance, improving relationships, and experiencing a sense of fulfillment in all that we do. And on the societal level as well, releasing feelings of inferiority and lack of self-acceptance will free all of society from phenomena such as wars and economic crises, racism and xenophobia, illness, loneliness, depression, helplessness, dissatisfaction, and the need to control another nation, another race, or another gender.

The longed-for change in our society will happen only when a critical mass of people free themselves from the universal blocking codes that we all have, transform those codes into empowering codes, connect to high frequencies that produce joie de vivre and prosperity, and undergo a process of genetic change at the societal level, which will enable us to:

         Achieve our full potential and enjoy the fact that others have reached their potential as well

         Live in a global environment of security, trust, openness, acceptance, full self-expression, and inner freedom, which will strengthen our individual feelings of inner freedom

         Enjoy quality relationships – in our close circles – including family, friends, business and work life – as well as on a global level, in national interrelations with other countries.

         Gain more energy to grow and thrive, because the strength of togetherness is the most powerful force of all!

* * *

Based on this vision to bring about all-encompassing social change, the Arian Lev Center initiates and participates in a variety of activities, in Israel and around the world:

         In Israel – Lectures to various populations, including soldiers suffering from the trauma of battle, battered women, the mentally ill, and more

         In the USA: Washington, DC – Representing the State of Israel at a conference on behalf of Middle Eastern women, and presenting a lecture on the subconscious as a tool for preventing female genital mutilation

         In Europe: France – Lecture in the French senate to senior government officials and industrialists, on the integration of the Muslim population with the local population in the workplace

         Africa: Ethiopia – Activities for local community development and advancement

         Soon, in the US and France – Establishment of centers for the dissemination of knowledge of the System

To actualize this vision, we are seeking people who will partner with us, and we call upon anyone who would like to take part in bringing this widespread change to fruition to join us. Together we will lead society to a better place.


We are reaching out to:

         Organizations, establishments, and institutions from all over the world that would like to take part in disseminating knowledge of this System, through lectures, workshops, and experiential and motivational activities

         Treatment centers and entrepreneurs in the US and Europe who are interested in opening a branch of the Arian Lev Center in their area

         Community leaders, local directors, rabbis, and church leaders in the United States who would like to help their community members achieve new, groundbreaking results through unique, effective tools, based on the power of the subconscious

         Coaches, therapists, and teachers from around the world who understand the importance of change in the dynamics of a group, who would like to experience a personal, groundbreaking and life-changing process, and then pass that change on to others

         People from around the world who would like to release their blocking codes, and to bring the people they care about along with them on their journey, to make the change together with them

We invite you to join us in spreading the knowledge of a powerfully successful system that has already helped tens of thousands of people change the reality of their lives, through inner work.

Together, let's make this change happen for millions of people!

Let's all unite in one huge network; together we will share with everyone the wonderful world we have!

Let's reach out to others, and in doing so we will reach out to ourselves!

Let's transform the blocking codes; we will release, once and for all, the envy, the hatred, the quarrels and the hostilities, and we will all experience a healed reality of peace and acceptance that will allow us to grow with confidence, and to witness the emergence of a new and different humanity, based on trust, creativity, and joy. Together we will enjoy a free, harmonious, and happy world.


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