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About the Arian Lev System for the Science of the Subconscious

Arian Lev’s approach to therapy through accessing the subconscious mind is a highly effective, proven method that enables people to live with inner freedom and to create the life they truly desire. Over the course of twenty years of intensive research, Arian Lev has mapped out the makeup of the subconscious mind and discovered the way it controls the human brain, and she has revealed the 29 universal blocking codes embedded in the subconscious. These codes cause us to experience fears and an inability to accomplish, which prevent us – without our awareness or understanding of why this is happening – to live with joy, satisfaction, freedom to choose, and pleasure.

Arian Lev’s approach makes possible direct access to the subconscious – to the place where these negative directives come from. Through her unique process, the blocking codes that are etched into the subconscious are transformed into positive, empowering codes that support the process of change and that promote success, enabling people to attain their goals.

The Arian Lev System of treatment through accessing the subconscious includes a number of unique strategies that facilitate a redirecting of the subconscious: 1) the Arian Lev Method for reprogramming the subconscious; 2) the subconscious Magnet Code for attracting a desired reality; 3) the Genetic Code Method; 4) life-coaching through accessing the subconscious; 4) the Subconscious Business Method for business management and sales; and 5) the Energetic Healing Method, through accessing the subconscious.


1) The Arian Lev Method for reprogramming the subconscious

In her study of the human subconscious, with the goal of learning how it works and how it creates the reality of our lives, Arian Lev discovered that the subconscious mind is intricately connected to the human brain, and that this connection is formed through a network of codes. These codes are based on memories that have been seared into the subconscious mind, beginning while we were developing inside our mother’s womb, and continuing through the first ten years of life.

This network of codes connects those memories to the brain, and the brain responds and directs us to act according to the instructions it receives from the codes. Arian analyzed these codes, and she found that the majority of them are positive and promote a person’s growth and development. There are, however, 29 blocking codes that hold a person back from achieving what he really desires. These blocking codes prevent a person’s true self from shining, resulting in feelings of frustration, pessimism and pain, and even leading to numerous physical illnesses. This gap between a person’s true self and the painful feelings and issues created by his subconscious blocking codes grows ever wider and more problematic the more a person learns, grows, develops his own capabilities, and comes to believe that he deserves a good life and is capable of accomplishing all that he desires. For while his awareness of himself and the world is strengthened, these blocking codes prevent him from progressing in life, and this aggravates his frustrations.

Following all these discoveries, and after intensive work with tens of thousands of clients, Arian Lev’s System has become an exact science – like a mathematical equation – unique and methodical. She can zero in on the active blocking codes and can release them through reprogramming them to empowering codes. This is done through a precise four-step process, individualized to suit each person’s particular circumstances.


2) The Magnet Code for attracting a desired reality

In another study, Arian Lev revealed that every one of us has an inner power to create the life of our dreams. This energy, which is known as the Law of Attraction, consists of five types of “magnets”: mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and sexual. This magnetic power works in tandem with the particular energetic frequency to which a person is connected, and it attracts to the person whatever it is that this frequency transmits.

Arian further revealed that there are 13 universal energetic frequencies, and that they can be divided into two categories: high frequencies, which create a reality of abundance for us, and low frequencies, which create stagnation and constant lack. The studies showed that these influences cannot be overcome through positive thinking or through sheer willpower or determined action. As long as we are connected to a low frequency, we will not be able to attract a positive reality of abundance. Arian found that only by transforming low frequencies into high frequencies can we powerfully activate our inner magnet in ways that will attract the reality we’re dreaming of.

The Magnet Code, which Arian developed and perfected, enables us to shift from low frequencies to high frequencies that attract a positive reality, through a precise, systematic process of working on our inner self.


3) The Genetic Code for diagnosis, based on one’s body structure and state of health

In another unique study, Arian Lev discovered that a person’s body speaks to us; it reveals and expresses exactly what is going on in the subconscious mind and what one’s deep inner desires are. These desires do not always match what the person thinks he needs and wants. This revolutionary discovery enables us to:

  • Understand and decode the person we’re with, down to the deepest recesses of his subconscious, based on his body language, the structure and proportions of his body, and his state of health – his aches, illnesses, inflammation, sensitivities and allergies, facial structure, type of hair, skin texture, and eye color.
  • Recognize and interpret the messages that the subconscious mind sends us, through the body, and pinpoint how these messages influence the reality of our lives.
  • Understand the influence of the subconscious on the person’s body structure, outward appearance, and state of health; and know how the subconscious affects a person’s reality, and how this can be changed, through the subconscious.
  • Pinpoint the source of health conditions, and know how to remedy them, through the subconscious.
  • Understand the influence of one’s diet on the subconscious and on the soul; know what one’s preferences for particular tastes are telling us, as well as what we can learn from one’s allergies, sensitivities, and manner of eating.
  • Free oneself from inner blockages and from conditions of “stuckness” that could cause illnesses, physiological problems, specific behavior patterns, and a negative body image.
  • Gain an uncanny talent for reading another person, so that you understand what’s going on inside of him and what challenges he is dealing with. You will be able to recognize whether he is telling the truth, what he actually wants, how hard he is willing to work for it, and how he can attain it; also, how to communicate with the recesses of his subconscious mind.


4) Coaching via the subconscious

Arian Lev’s method of coaching through the subconscious mind harnesses the unique discoveries of her almost 20 years of research, after treating tens of thousands of clients with the Arian Lev System – her original, foundational modality of the science of the subconscious, whose effectiveness has been proven and is recognized worldwide. Based on this intense and practical knowledge, she developed a structured, systematic method of life-coaching, by which people can be coached through accessing the depths of their subconscious. This makes possible an unprecedented potential for positive breakthroughs within just fifteen sessions.

After becoming certified in basic life-coaching with this method, one can continue for a higher certification, to apply deeper and broader methods of coaching through accessing the subconscious, gain tools to powerfully affect one’s ability to attract a desired reality and to learn to analyze, understand, and motivate people based on their body language and their outer appearance. One can also be certified as a master coach, which includes developing leadership abilities, charisma, and skill in handling groups and facilitating deep group processes.


5) The Subconscious Business Method for business management and sales

Based on the deep, practical knowledge gleaned from Arian Lev’s System, a modality was developed for accessing the subconscious for business management and sales, and for building managerial skills and sales-generating skills. This structured, systematic modality is designed especially to give organizations and businesses a competitive advantage, through groundbreaking new tools using the subconscious mind.

These tools enable employees, managers, and independent business owners to acquire invaluable skills for managing their businesses, raising their productivity, opening new markets, selling more, and profiting more. The Arian Lev Method for business management and sales through accessing the subconscious offers a wide variety of innovative solutions for businesses and organizations, taught in courses, workshops, and lectures, and through personal consultation and guidance suited to each client’s individual needs.


6) The Energetic Healing Method

Within each of us is hidden a potent power, known as spiritual intelligence. This power enables an individual to connect to the cosmic energies of the universe, to open channels for healing, and to harness them to heal ourselves and others, both physically and emotionally. The Energetic Healing Method includes diagnosis of energetic blockages in various areas of the body; energetic healing of physical conditions through programming the subconscious mind; shifting the client’s energies, which is done on the physical and energetic levels, through touch and through implanting symbols and special codes within the client’s DNA, based on the wisdom of Judaism; and opening the third eye, enabling one to sense energies and perceive the inner essence of a person; and healing using special healing stones and crystals that can influence the client’s subconscious.


Who can benefit from this system, and what issues can it treat?

The Arian Lev System is suitable for anyone who wishes to move up to the next level in life but feels that there is something akin to a glass ceiling blocking him from living the life he wants and deserves. The System leads to achieving breakthroughs in every area of life, including romance and relationships, business and career, sales and management, money-making, physical health and weight loss, freedom from fears and phobias, personal development, building self-confidence, increasing joie de vivre, and more.

Tens of thousands of people have been treated through the Arian Lev System, in Israel and throughout the world. It has proven itself to be the most precise and the most effective modality for releasing blockages in the subconscious, thus enabling people to create the reality they desire. The changes these people have achieved through Arian’s System have affected every area of their lives in positive ways, even when they came in order to work on only one specific issue, be it romance, self-fulfillment, career success, physical ailments, anxiety, public speaking, or any of a host of other issues. People who have been treated through the Arian Lev System, or those who have been trained in it or who have attended the courses, find themselves living a new life, a life of self-expression, of acceptance, of love, and of freedom, without the feeling that they are merely struggling to survive, and without fear or pain.


As part of Arian Lev’s activities in the science of the subconscious, the Arian Lev Center was established, where clients receive accurate diagnoses and treatment according the Arian Lev System for programming the subconscious. Treatments are facilitated by highly trained, certified therapists who have been certified in this System. The Center also serves as a school where the science of the subconscious is taught, offering courses, mentoring, and professional training for therapy and coaching through accessing the subconscious.

We are convinced that in deep personal work in the right path you can make the change and reach complete inner freedom.

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