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Personal Treatments Based on Accessing the Subconscious

Have you ever wondered why so many people feel frustrated due to the huge gap between the reality they would have wanted for themselves and the reality they are actually experiencing?

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We are living in times that offer an abundance of possibilities and opportunities:

Our generation is highly developed in terms of our self-awareness and our connection to ourselves; advanced technology makes our lives easier and more efficient; our life expectancy is high, and it rises annually; and we have the ability and the resources to communicate, to get to know people, to learn, to work, and to purchase products and services from anywhere in the world, with no limits, and often without even leaving home.

So why, in a generation like ours, do so many people still experience loneliness and can’t find a true, loving relationship? And why is it that when they do find a loving relationship, they don’t manage to keep it long-term?

Why is the number of people worldwide who suffer from depression increasing year by year?

Why do so many people feel that although they have everything, they actually have nothing – that something within them stops them from truly experiencing the joy, the freedom, and the self-fulfillment that these blessed times have to offer?

Why, with all the financial abundance that exists in the Western world, do so many people still struggle to earn a living and worry that they won’t be able to make ends meet?

Why do people find that their professional advancement is blocked, or that they are not able to grow their business?

And why have anxiety attacks and stress become a 21st-century epidemic?


There is one answer for all these questions: Our ability to create the reality we desire is determined almost entirely by a factor that is beyond our control.

Many studies in the field of the subconscious have shown that only 5 percent of our decisions and choices are made consciously. We make the other 95 percent of our decisions in an unconscious way, through the subconscious, which is beyond our control and influence, and even beyond our awareness. This means that when we want to shape or change the reality of our lives, our conscious will has almost no influence over our actions. The vast majority of our thoughts, choices, and actions are controlled by commands that the brain receives from the subconscious, not by our conscious mind.

Thus, despite our efforts to change things in our lives, a gap remains between our conscious desires and the results we produce. This leaves us feeling stuck, frustrated, and in pain. Many times we sense the inner blockages, even though there are plenty of options and opportunities for us wherever we turn.

The unique Arian Lev System for Programming the Subconscious offers a solution for this gap through reprogramming the 29 blocking codes, etched deep within our subconscious, which prevent us from realizing our conscious desires. These codes, which Arian Lev discovered in the process of her in-depth research, become embedded in the depths of our subconscious in our early childhood years, and they issue orders to the brain, which limit it repeatedly, so that we follow specific patterns that often contradict our conscious desires and that hold us back from moving forward in our lives and bringing our desires to fruition.

The Arian Lev System effectively accesses the depths of the subconscious to release the blocking codes that are etched within every one of us. It does this by reprogramming them, converting blocking codes into new, empowering codes. This process enables us to break free of our blocking codes completely and permanently, so that we can manage our lives based on empowering codes that support our actions in ways that actualize our desires and goals.

The Arian Lev System of treatment has four stages: connection, release, discovery, and application. These four stages are in fact four stages of development; each stage has a specific purpose, and each in turn builds and deepens another dimension of development and action.

The stage of connection

In this stage, we form an initial connection between your conscious life and the hidden parts of your life, the parts that you are unaware of but that powerfully affect your life. In this stage you connect with yourself and learn to know yourself from within. You become aware of your emotions, the way you experience things. You learn to listen to yourself and to distinguish between what is right for you and what is not. This is the beginning of a new connection between you and your real self, a connection that comes from within and in which you become your own best friend and genuine source of support. If until now you suffered from fears, insecurities, feelings of guilt, and doubts, they will fade and disappear during this stage and will be replaced by feelings of self-confidence and self-worth, and you will believe in yourself and in your abilities.

The stage of release

In this stage we explore even deeper layers of the subconscious and release internal codes that have been dictating the reality of your life. These are codes for patterns of action that have been seared into our subconscious and that we have never been aware of, but they determine our appearance, what messages we relay to others, what we experience, how other people perceive us, and how the world and everything in it responds to us.

These codes are entrenched on a deep level, and they determine in which environment we live, which people we meet, what we broadcast to the universe and how it responds. In this stage you will experience a deep release from all the bonds that have held you back until now, enabling you to set out on a life of true freedom. This gives you the opportunity to change, to break out of your current limitations and to live the life you’ve always wanted, from a place of integrity, believing in yourself and in others, and with tolerance for yourself and for others. This stage of the treatment enables you to leave the past behind and move forward, so that the present and future will be what you’ve always wanted and wished for yourself.

The stage of discovery

This stage enables you to discover your new and true self, after having achieved freedom from the codes that have blocked you until now. Your discovery takes place deep within the subconscious and in the brain’s theta waves and alpha waves. In this phase of treatment a new, wonderful experience awaits you – the experience of discovering your self and your own abilities that you never dreamed existed. Your entire personality will change and become more real and stable. The stage of discovery offers you the chance to rewrite the story of your life and to live according to that story, based on your own beliefs and your own inner truth.

You will discover your essence, and you will understand how to live with abundance, how to feel love, and how to deal with success. This is an experiential and empowering stage, in which your true place in the world will become crystal clear to you, and your soul will feel as if it has gained new life.

The stage of application

The final stage of the treatment focuses on creating a new vision for your life and setting specific, measurable goals in order to achieve it. At this stage you put into action the changes you have made, in all areas of life – your body, your career, your relationships, and more. You will adopt new habits, and we will be at your side throughout, guiding you to achieve success.



How does the treatment proceed?

The Arian Lev System of personal treatment includes two phases:

The diagnostic phase: The treatment begins with a scientific diagnosis that will identify precisely and unambiguously which codes are blocking you.

Reprogramming: After identifying the blocking codes, the therapist will guide you in reprogramming these codes into empowering codes, and he/she will continue to guide you, stage after stage, to apply this recoding until you have created a new reality in your life.

Therapy using the Arian Lev System consists of a series of two-hour sessions. The first part the process is verbal, as the therapist descends into the depths of the client’s subconscious and makes internal changes to the mental video that has been streaming for him. This is accomplished both through discussion and through direct access to deep alpha waves in the brain.

Another therapist, one trained in energetic healing and other unique techniques, then steps in to release the client’s body from the specific events that he experienced during the course of the discussion. Thus, parallel to being released on the mental level, the client experiences a release on the physical level as well. A person’s physical condition mirrors the subconscious mind; it is a perfect reflection of the subconscious and all that is “written” in it.

The precise treatment of the subconscious, on the mental level and on the physical and energetic levels, allows for fast, powerful, and incredibly accurate healing.

The blocking codes are detected using three therapeutic tools:

Interview of the Subconscious – preliminary exploration employing a direct and precise process based on the unique techniques of the Arian Lev System.

Holistic health interview – focusing on identifying the root blocking code, using the client’s body as a mirror of those codes, and finding the places where the blocking code is manifest on the physical level.

Frequency interview – analyzing the client’s environment and his interaction with everything in that environment; finding what the Arian Lev System calls frequencies.

With the Arian Lev System, once we locate the root blocking code, which is actually the source of the other, subordinate blocking codes, we can release the client from the source of his blockages, and all the secondary blocking codes will gradually dissipate and disappear in a process of adjustment that can take up to a year.

This process of adjustment and release will bring about a significant change in all aspects of a person's life:

The person will feel free to be himself and to respond as his inner self dictates, without inhibitions.

The people with whom this person relates will gradually change, and he will find himself conducting his relationships with those around him in a very different, satisfying way.

Illnesses and physical ailments tend to disappear at this stage, since the body serves as a precise mirror of the subconscious.


If it’s important to you to feel self-confidence, inner freedom, and full self-expression,

to feel good about your body, your weight, and your health,

to achieve your potential on a personal, professional, and financial level,

to enjoy an all-encompassing, loving relationship,

to be the parent you’ve dreamed of being to your children,

to accomplish more than you ever have before,

and to live your life with enthusiasm, pleasure, and joy,

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