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The Research That Brought Us This System

Exploring the subconscious

Studies have found that only 5 percent of our reality – our thoughts, feelings, decisions, and actions – is determined by our conscious will, while the other 95 percent is determined by our subconscious. Pursuant to these discoveries, and with the aim of helping people who suffer from low self-esteem, insecurity, eating disorders, and difficulties in relationships, in their careers, in business, in parenting, and more, Arian Lev began to research the world of the subconscious.

Her nearly 20 years of research revealed the power of the subconscious, its structure, the way it works with the mind, and how it can be harnessed in order to create the reality that we truly desire. Her findings led to a breakthrough in the field of the subconscious, and based on these important discoveries, the Arian Lev System for the Science of the Subconscious was established.

Arian’s research and her findings focus on a number of ways the subconscious affects our reality:

The structure of the subconscious – how does it work, and how is it connected to the brain: There is a direct connection between the subconscious and the brain; the subconscious controls the brain through a network of codes, and it guides our choices, our actions and, consequently, our reality.

Blocking codes in the subconscious: Through her research Arian discovered that there are 29 blocking codes in our subconscious, which produce “mental jamming” and emotional states of unhappiness, lack of self-fulfillment, immaturity, and even depression, anxiety attacks, lack of vitality, and loss of the will to live. These blocking codes are part of a network of commands that the subconscious transmits to our brain, and only a therapeutic process of reprogramming them into empowering codes, or a coaching process that will minimize their impact and strengthen the empowering codes, will enable us to make different choices and act in different ways, to create a different reality in our life.

There are also 24 positive codes, which are inner resources that cause us to grow and thrive.

III. The Genetic Code: There is a connection between our subconscious mind and our physical appearance and state of health, and there is also a connection between the blockages in the subconscious and the presence of diseases and other physical conditions.

The Power of Magnetic Attraction: Our subconscious mind acts like a magnet, attracting the reality in which we live; it is directed by energetic frequencies that affect a person’s ability to progress in life. There are 13 energetic frequencies in the universe; some of these are high frequencies that allow a person to move forward significantly in his life, and some are low frequencies that prevent him from advancing in life despite all his efforts.

The Arian Lev System makes it possible to access this magnetic ability, and it provides simple tools and formulas to strengthen the magnetic ability of the subconscious and to fine-tune it so that it will influence the brain to create a desired reality.

Energy Healing: As a result of the thorough research that Arian Lev conducted on the healing abilities of the Hebrew letters and of crystals, it is now possible to program and heal the subconscious, thus freeing the mind from mental and physical jamming, and enabling people to achieve total fulfillment in their lives.

The structure of the subconscious – how does it work, and how is it connected to the brain?

What is the subconscious?

The subconscious is the basic essence of man. It is an internal library filled with information composed of beliefs. These beliefs are formed as a result of our experiences and those of our parents, and they define the very nature of our lives – how we perceive the world and how we believe the world perceives us. Practically speaking, it defines everything we are in every aspect of life: in marriage or romantic relationships, how we relate to our children and to ourselves, our career and business, our financial situation, our level of self-confidence, and more.

The way a personality develops – the way a person understands himself, perceives himself, and expresses himself to the world at large and to those around him – is based on his subconscious beliefs, which influence him to various degrees, some more strongly and some less so.

Moreover, every aspect of a person’s life – his friends, where he lives, his spouse, his work environment, and his interactions with people and with the world at large – are a clear reflection of the beliefs that are hidden in his subconscious. And since those beliefs shape his DNA, his body’s appearance, organs, and build are likewise the result of those beliefs. This gives rise to the concept that any difficulties, problems, or diseases that affect a person stem from those beliefs, particularly from beliefs that contradict one another and form inner conflicts.

What beliefs are rooted in the subconscious?

A belief that is rooted in the subconscious is something that a person considers to be absolutely true, and the person’s reality is formed based on this “absolute truth.” A belief etched into the subconscious is a simple, uncomplicated statement; and subconscious beliefs are built one on top of another.

One example of a belief is: “Rich people are mercilessly destructive to others.” This belief can lead to other beliefs, such as, “Avoid any connection with people like that”; “Never trust wealthy people”; “If you’re with a wealthy person, you should assume that all he’ll want is your money”; or, “If you have money, they’ll want to befriend you just because of the money.”

This whole chain of beliefs was formed from a single, basic belief rooted in the subconscious that created an entire series of related beliefs, through association. This chain of beliefs in turn generates behaviors and reactions that support those beliefs, and in this way the chain of beliefs actually creates the person’s reality.

How is the subconscious formed, and where do the beliefs within it come from?

Our subconscious is formed while we are still a fetus with a heartbeat inside our mother’s womb. At that earliest stage, we already have a subconscious mind that holds certain beliefs. These beliefs come to us through our DNA, and they include a perception of the world and of ourselves. Then, as the fetus is attached to its mother’s body through the umbilical cord, its mother’s beliefs become etched into it. Whatever the mother has experienced, felt, and believed about the world, about her pregnancy, about life, about herself, about the father of this child – become, through osmosis, the beliefs of the fetus growing within her. As long as the fetus is in its mother’s womb it has its own body and soul, but it does not have an independent perception of itself. The formation of its beliefs is an automatic process based directly on the perspectives of its parents, and especially on those of its mother.

After a child is born and is no longer physically attached to the mother, once it receives its own identity, a birth date, a name, an identification number… – the formation of its subconscious beliefs is no longer a passive process, as it was during pregnancy. From that point on, beliefs reach the child’s subconscious through the parents’ behavior, their remarks about their experiences, how they relate to themselves and to each other, and how they relate to the child. Some beliefs are formed through the child’s own experiences as he develops. For example, if a child is about to touch fire and his caregiver tells him, “Don’t touch – it’s hot,” or if he touches the fire and feels pain, he will understand that he should not touch it again. The child’s interaction with his environment and with the people close to him will influence the formation of his beliefs. This process begins at the moment of birth and continues until the child is 10 years old.

What is a code?

A code is a connection between two things, like a natural law stating that if A happens, then B will happen. Codes are formed when we are in our mother’s womb and in our early childhood years, when we decide – albeit unconsciously – to create them, as a result of our beliefs and life experiences.

An example of a code is: “a red rose = joy, freedom, and beauty.” This code might be created in a person who, at some point in his life, encountered a red rose and experienced these feelings. The connection between a red rose and joy, freedom, and beauty might have been formed as a result of his personal experience as an infant, a child, or an adult, or it could be something that he absorbed by observing the behavior of one of his parents, and then he adopted this code as his own.

Another example is the code “love = rejection,” which can be created when a person, whether as a fetus, a baby, or a child, seeks the energy of love but instead experiences a reaction of rejection – even if this is only his perception of what happened. If this is repeated a number of times, he begins to make the connection (i.e., to form a code) that love brings rejection. As a result, whenever he seeks love, the code associated with it will be rejection.

What is the connection between the codes and the brain?

Beliefs exist in the subconscious, and they form the initial basis of how we perceive life and events. The codes are connections made between various beliefs. The brain’s functioning is determined by these codes, which are based on beliefs.

Consider the example of the rose, mentioned above. A rose has an appearance, a fragrance, and energy. The eyes see a red rose, while the nose smells it, and they convert the sight and smell into electrical pulses that travel to the right side of the brain, which searches for a classification of this stimulus based on the subconscious mind’s subjective perceptions of truth. Once the brain identifies it as a rose, a code is formed, and that becomes the meaning of rose for that person. For example, it may adopt a meaning of joy, freedom, and beauty. These are personal, subjective codes for a rose.

So how does a person respond to joy, freedom, and beauty? For joy – his heart might be opened; for freedom – he might breathe more easily; for beauty – he might sigh with satisfaction. Each person responds according to the dictates of his own codes, which are based on his own beliefs.

These responses are then relayed to the left side of the brain, where they are interpreted according to the person’s understanding and emotional senses. This is now brought to the conscious mind and to the body, and this is how we experience the encounter with the rose. This process takes place instantaneously: The person saw the rose, identified it as a rose, and experienced its significance based on the code in his subconscious, and then he reacted as he did, and a reality was created.

The process: Something (e.g., a rose) is absorbed through one or more of the five senses; impulses travel to the right side of the brain; it is identified in the subconscious (based on a code); impulses travel back to the left side, stimulating a reaction. This becomes his reality of the rose.

What is the difference between beliefs and codes?

A person’s subconscious beliefs are anchored in place automatically through his genes, through his parents’ influence, through his environment, and through his personal experience as a child.

A person’s subconscious codes – the connections between two or more beliefs – do not come to him automatically. Instead, codes are formed as the result of the person’s own subconscious decisions. These decisions do not take place on the conscious level or anywhere near his conscious level of awareness. This is true even of codes that were formed based on a person’s environment or on his parents’ influence – it was his own subconscious decision to give the code his stamp as a valid truth. Such “active decisions” can take place on any level: in the conscious mind, in the near-conscious mind, or in the subconscious mind.

Blocking codes in the subconscious

What is a blocking code?

Arian Lev’s research into the subconscious has revealed that there are 29 universal codes embedded within our subconscious that cause us to think, to make decisions, and to act in ways that are contrary to our own conscious desires and well-being. She refers to these codes as blocking codes.

What is a deep-rooted blocking code?

A deep-rooted blocking code is one that prevents a person from living his life in a free, uninhibited manner. This blockage might express itself in a single area of life, in several areas, or in some cases in every area of one’s life.

This deep-rooted code in the subconscious stops a person from living and behaving as he would normally want to. It inhibits him from developing mentally and emotionally in ways that are appropriate for his age and potential. He feels stuck, and this feeling expresses itself as an issue in one or more specific areas of life, such as in his romantic relationship, career, livelihood, or self-fulfillment. He will feel the same experience appearing again and again – in every romantic relationship, in every association with others, wherever he works, and so on. He feels that there is some inner barrier that stops him from moving forward and experiencing life in the way that he would want.

Thus, for example, if a person is driven by the blocking code “love = abandonment,” then whenever he is in a romantic relationship, he is afraid that the other person will abandon him. As a result, he may develop a behavior pattern of always trying to please the other person, adapting himself to suit the desires and needs of his partner or of other people with whom he associates. And so, if his partner loves opera, he may go with that person to the opera, even if he knows that he will suffer through it – because he fears that if he expresses his own needs and desires, that partner will leave him. By the same token, if friends or family members tell him that they want to come to visit, even if the timing is inconvenient for him, he will still invite them to come at their convenience, for fear that if he refuses them they will abandon him.

The behaviors described here can also show up due to other types of blocking codes, such as: “I = cancelled,” “I = deletion,” and “love = rejection.”

What is a positive code?

Arian Lev’s research also revealed that there are 24 positive, empowering codes. These codes become embedded within the subconscious in the same way as the blocking codes, and they serve as anchors for us. They influence the mind to grow, enable us to develop in positive ways, and constantly make sure that we move forward and succeed no matter what happens to us in life.

These positive codes can be seen in a child’s personality traits and/or as traits that a person inherits from his parents. Often they come to the fore in times of crisis, when one suddenly feels them more sharply or perhaps first discovers them.

III. The Genetic Code: the body’s connection to the mind – the body as a mirror of the subconscious

Arian’s research into the subconscious has revealed that the body is a flawless mirror of the beliefs and codes in the subconscious mind, and that every body part contains within it a number of these beliefs and codes. The decision to explore this area came about when Arian realized that physical changes were taking place in clients while she searched for the deep-rooted blocking code, leading her to conclude that the subconscious speaks to us through the body. She realized that the body can tell us about a person’s subconscious condition and how to continue working with that person. This research gave rise to the Genetic Code Method, which details the connections between each internal system and organ, and the blocking codes in the subconscious.

What is the Genetic Code?

Contrary to the assumption that we are genetically programmed from within for a particular physiological structure and that it cannot be changed, scientists have discovered that genetic codes can indeed be changed. Dr. Bruce Lipton, a researcher in cell function and the influence of genetics, has proven that DNA can be altered through adopting supportive beliefs and thinking.

In Arian Lev’s research on genetics, she revealed that the subconscious affects both genetics and heredity, and that our genetic code is connected to our behavior, our bodies, and the reality in which we live. In her research Arian found that a person’s physical body reflects what goes on in the depths of the subconscious, and that the structure of our personality and our styles of behavior are reflected in physiological factors, such as: body structure; one’s type and color of hair; the state of our health, including allergies, sensitivities, pain, chronic illnesses, and acute illnesses; whether one tends to be overweight or thin; one’s preferences for specific flavors and smells; ways of eating; and personal temperament. As a result of these discoveries, Arian developed the Genetic Code Method, which enables us to understand the effects of the subconscious on every organ in the body, to diagnose the source of physical and emotional problems, and to identify accurately who a person really is deep inside himself, what he has experienced, how he functions in specific situations, what style of communication will motivate him, and what troubles him and limits him.

The Power of Magnetic Attraction – the subconscious as a magnet for creating reality

Another focus of Arian’s research is the power of the subconscious mind to attract circumstances, and its influence on our ability to create the reality we desire. In this study, Arian discovered that each person’s subconscious mind is an internal “magnet” that attracts particular situations to him. Her research revealed that the “magnetic force” present in the body is its creative force, which is based on our ability to bring about a particular reality in our lives. Our thoughts, together with our perception of ourselves and our perspective of the world, produce the basic infrastructure of this magnetic force. It is powered by five internal magnets:

  1. The mental magnet – These are the thoughts that circulate through our minds. Our thoughts put this magnet into focus to attract reality.
  2. The emotional magnet – The emotions that are triggered as a result of our thoughts, or the emotions we experience that trigger our thoughts (generally, these will be obsessive thoughts), greatly enhance the magnetic power and the creation of reality.

The physical magnet – When the physical body is connected to a low frequency, meaning when it is tired, and/or when it is fed a diet that is devoid of healthy nutrients, it feels heavy and weary. Like a set of weights, it inhibits the physical aspect of the magnet.

Eating light foods and exercising increase one’s energetic capacity and significantly strengthen the inner magnet.

The spiritual magnet – This is the energy of our soul – the connection to the energy of the soul; it serves as a spiritual guide, strengthens our direction in life, chooses the magnetic force that is right for us, and gives us strong and quick magnetic power.

The sexual magnet – Desire and passion are basic human inclinations; they are our innermost desires. They give us energy and a powerful internal “motor” that drives us to action, productivity, and magnetic power.

How does magnetic power work?

Magnetic power works by deepening each of our five internal magnets and directing them to the frequencies that will create within us the feeling of experiencing the reality that we desire. This will serve as a basis for activating our magnetic power to attract to us more of that experience. The five magnets in the subconscious will attract to us the reality that we want. But at the same time, how we will experience that reality, how it will be expressed in our lives, happens through the frequencies.

What are the frequencies?

There are 13 energetic frequencies in the universe, and every one of us is connected to one or more of these frequencies. These frequencies are absorbed through our five internal magnets, and they influence the reality that these magnets will attract into our lives. The 13 frequencies include some high frequencies, which enable us to attract into our lives a reality of abundance, joy, and confidence, and some low frequencies, which attract a reality of scarcity, pain, and fear. For example, the low frequency Arian dubbed “Les Miserables” (“the wretched ones”) causes us to live with feelings of misery. In that case, even if our magnets attract abundance into our lives, we will be consumed by the worry that the abundance will dissipate and disappear.

Another low frequency is that of “everyone takes advantage of me,” which makes us feel emptied out, feeling that we’ve given away more than we should. Someone who is connected to this frequency will constantly rehash his sense of self-sacrifice. Even if he accumulates a huge amount of abundance and success, he will always feel emptied out, as if everything he gains is taken from him.

In contrast, being connected to high frequencies will allow us to enjoy our successes and to attract even more success. For example, the frequency of “winners” is an optimistic frequency that promotes the belief that things will always work out, and even if we experience a reality that we wouldn’t have chosen, we can take it in stride, since we are confident that things will work out in the end. Another high frequency is “the sky’s the limit,” which leads us to believe that we can cope successfully with every challenge that comes our way. This frequency drives us to constantly seek challenges and strive for the next level of abundance and success in our lives.

In order to strengthen our ability to attract the reality that we want, we need to fine-tune our five inner magnets, through systematic inner work, and bring them to a state in which they can absorb the most appropriate high frequency, which will allow us to grow and succeed in implementing the upward trajectory that we seek in our lives.


Energetic Healing

Arian Lev’s research into the subconscious revealed that there is an unseen, powerful force within each of us, and this force is called spiritual intelligence. This power enables us to connect to the cosmic energies of the universe, to open channels of healing, and to harness them so that we can heal ourselves and others on both the physical and the emotional levels. The Energetic Healing Method, working through the subconscious, includes: identifying energetic blockages wherever they may be in the body; energetic healing of physical conditions through programming the subconscious; bringing about an energetic shift at the physical and energetic levels, through human touch, by embedding in the patient’s DNA special symbols and codes known from Jewish lore to affect physical health; by using healing stones and special crystals that affect the client’s subconscious; and by opening the third eye, which enables people to sense energies and to perceive a person’s inner being.

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