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Business subconscious

The Arian Lev System for accessing the subconscious – the business track

Courses, workshops, and consultations for organizations and business owners,

based on accessing the subconscious mind


Have you ever wondered why, despite all the efforts people make, and after investing in courses, workshops, and consultations, many organizations and businesses fail to achieve their managerial and business goals? Why don’t they succeed in closing more deals, effectively motivating employees, increasing productivity, and breaking records in sales, revenue, and profits?

The reason is that as long as managers, employees, and business owners work to improve their many skills only at the conscious level and not at the subconscious level, they will not be able to realize their full potential or to maintain long-term changes in their behavior patterns. This is because, as many studies have shown, only 5 percent of our reality, our thoughts, our decisions, and our actions, are determined by our conscious will, while 95 percent is determined by our subconscious.

Therefore, if we want to change the way we manage an organization or business, to recruit better candidates, to inspire employees to give more of themselves, to generate higher output, to reach more customers, to close more deals, and to make more money – we must also develop capabilities and skills that are based on leveraging the power of the subconscious.

The Arian Lev Business Method for management and sales, through accessing the subconscious, offers businesses and organizations a wide range of groundbreaking solutions. There are courses, workshops, lectures, and personal counseling and mentoring programs, tailored specifically to the company's needs.

The approach is derived from the Arian Lev System of facilitating progress through accessing the subconscious. It is a systematic, structured method that has gained worldwide recognition. Developed over the course of some 20 years of intensive research, the Arian Lev System and has created thousands of successes, in Israel and abroad.


The Arian Lev Business Method for management and sales, through accessing the subconscious, is particularly effective for:

• Improving communication and management skills

• Developing skills for influencing and persuading others, giving you the upper hand in negotiations and sales

• Motivating employees to increase productivity and improve performance

• Acquiring the ability to “read” and understand people, based on their external appearance, for best reults in recruiting and assigning tasks to employees


For whom are the courses, workshops and consultations for management and sales through accessing the subconscious suitable?


 For marketing and sales people who are determined to close more deals, to break sales records, and to make more money

 For service personnel who care about increasing customer satisfaction

 For people who work in human resources, recruitment, and placement, who want to recruit better, more suitable employees, to raise the level of employees’ dedication to the organization, to build attractive career development options, and to upgrade the management team’s skills and achievements

 For managers on all levels who want to motivate employees most effectively so that they achieve breakthrough results

 For business owners and freelancers who feel that their business can earn more and that they’re ready to move it up to the next level

 For people who want to start an independent business or to set up a new startup company


The courses, workshops, and lectures in the Arian Lev Business Method for management and sales, through accessing the subconscious, include:


 Fascinating information about releasing subconscious barriers, changing frequencies, and deciphering the Genetic Code, for success in the world of employment and business, all as they apply to management, operations, service, marketing, and sales.

 Learning and practice of a structured, systematic approach to management and sales through accessing the subconscious

 Diagnosing and mapping the blocking codes that hinder managers, employees, and business owners who participate in the course

 Learning and practice in proven techniques for changing patterns and transforming the blocking codes of self-management into empowering codes

 Assimilating the tools of self-management and of leading and motivating employees through the subconscious mind

 Simulations of processes for marketing, sales, recruiting employees, and handling negotiations

 Hands-on practice for assimilating your new skills

 One-on-one mentoring until one’s goals are achieved and personal records are broken


Topics covered in courses and workshops include:

• What is the subconscious? How does it work? How does it affect the mind? And what is the connection between the mind, the subconscious, and the reality in which we live?

• What are the 29 blocking codes in our subconscious? How do these codes affect our patterns of behavior and the results we achieve in communicating, in business, and in our careers?

• How can we identify which codes are blocking us and others from achieving goals?

• How can we utilize blocking codes and empowering codes to influence candidates, employees, suppliers, and customers?

• What is a frequency? How does it affect us? And how can we switch from a low frequency to a high frequency?

• How can we turn a frequency into money?

• How can we identify which frequency people are functioning from, and what style of communication will motivate them to act?

• How can we analyze candidates, customers, and suppliers by studying the structure of their bodies? How can we understand what they are going through, ascertain whether they are telling the truth, what it is that they want, and how much effort they are willing to invest for it?

• How can we use the potential of the subconscious to build work teams and to select business partners?

• How can we cope effectively with changes that take us out of our comfort zones?

• How can we tell the difference between intuition and just a meaningless “feeling,” in order to minimize business risks?

• How can we develop our personal charisma and skills in public appearances?

• How can we develop essential business skills, such as taking initiative, decision-making, and dealing with uncertainty?

• How can we deal with blocking beliefs about money?


If it's important to you to upgrade the capabilities of your organization’s management team,

if you want to bring your employees’ performance to the next level,

if you are determined to take your business – and yourself – to new heights that you never before experienced,

now is the time to uncover the skills and the potential of the subconscious mind

in a process that will transform you as well as your managers and employees

to become successful business owners, skilled executives, and peak-performance salespeople!


So if it is important for you to upgrade the capabilities of the management team in your organization

If you want to bounce the level of performance of your employees

And if you'm burning up to launch your business and yourself to new heights you did not know before

It's time to connect to the subconscious's skills and abilities

In a process that will transform you and your managers and employees

For successful business owners, skilled managers and sales people with record performance!

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About the Arian Lev System for accessing the subconscious

The Arian Lev System for accessing the subconscious was developed over the course of nearly 20 years of systematic, thorough, in-depth research conducted by Arian Lev, a pioneer in the field of the subconscious. This groundbreaking method has revealed and proven that in the depths of our subconscious there are 29 blocking codes that cause us to feel stuck and incapable of achieving our goals, regardless of the objective reality. Arian also discovered that these blocking codes can be replaced with empowering codes that support our ability to succeed in actualizing our desires and goals. The Arian Lev System for the Science of the Subconscious is based on diagnosing and accurately identifying the blocking codes that have been seared into the depths of the subconscious, and on changing oneself, so that instead of functioning based on these blocking codes, one functions based on the empowering codes that replace them.

In addition, Arian discovered that there are 13 universal energy frequencies in the world, which are connected to the power of the subconscious and which affect our ability to attract the reality that we want for ourselves. Some of these are high frequencies that attract a positive, desirable reality of abundance, confidence, and joy, and some are low frequencies that attract deprivation, pain, and fear. Arian also discovered that with structured, systematic inner work we can replace low frequencies with high frequencies, and in this way we can change the reality in which we live.

Besides all this, over the years Arian has developed additional tools and means for achieving inner freedom through accessing the depths of the subconscious and replacing the blocking codes that are found there with empowering codes, which make it possible for people to succeed in creating changes in all areas of life. These tools include the method of coaching via the subconscious, the Genetic Code Method, the Energetic Healing Method, energetic programming, and more.

Arian Lev, a leading mentor internationally in the field of the subconscious, has for many years been the leader in the field of working with the subconscious, in Israel and around the world. She is regularly invited to lecture and to demonstrate her work in Israel and abroad. She also founded the Arian Lev Center, where one can benefit from expert healing and treatment sessions, and as a school for the science of the subconscious through the Arian Lev System.

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