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The Arian Lev School for the Science of the Subconscious – Courses

The School for the Sciences of the Subconscious, under the directorship of Arian Lev, opens a window of opportunity to discover the workings of the subconscious, to learn about the Arian Lev System for Programming the Subconscious, and to gain access to a rich, comprehensive library of unique, fascinating programs. There you will acquire key professional tools to conduct one-on-one therapy, coaching, and counseling. These tools will give you great advantages in managing and motivating employees, in mediation, in marketing and in sales. You will also acquire practical tools for personal development and dramatic advancement in every area of life.

The studies in the School for the Science of the Subconscious are based on the unprecedented wealth of knowledge that Arian Lev has amassed through almost 20 years of research, complemented by her experience in teaching, facilitating therapy, and coaching tens of thousands of clients in Israel and abroad, using the Arian Lev System for Programming the Subconscious.

The Arian Lev System is a precise, systematic, proven, effective modality that enables us to create the reality we desire in life. Through her almost 20 years of research, Arian revealed the makeup of the subconscious, how it drives the human brain, and the 29 universal blocking codes that are etched into the subconscious. These blocking codes prevent us from living with happiness, satisfaction, free will, and enjoyment. The System makes it possible to transform these subconscious blocking codes into empowering codes that enable a person to live with inner freedom and to realize his full potential.

Arian Lev also revealed that there are thirteen energetic frequencies in the universe, and that every one of us is connected to one or more of these frequencies. If we are connected to high frequencies, that connection enables us to attract into our lives a positive reality of security, joy, and abundance. If we are connected to low frequencies, we will attract a negative reality of fear, pain, and lack. Following this discovery, Arian Lev developed a system by which, through deep inner work, we can shift our connection from low frequencies to high frequencies and thus attract the reality we want for ourselves.

Another of Arian Lev’s unique research projects is called the Genetic Code and is based on the connection between the physical body and the subconscious. Her study revealed that the human body fully reflects and expresses the subconscious and its inner desires – and those desires do not always match what the person consciously thinks he needs and wants. This revolutionary revelation makes it possible for us to learn a tremendous amount about the people we are with, and to understand exactly what motivates them, based solely on their outward appearance.

Arian has also developed modalities of healing and energetic programming, a totally new system for life coaching through tools and methods from the world of the subconscious, that enables the coach to propel his client forward to achieve breakthroughs in areas where the client felt he had reached a dead end.


The knowledge based Arian Lev’s approach to reprogramming the subconscious will give you a deep understanding of the inner mechanisms that create the reality of our lives:

• What is the subconscious, how is it structured, and how does it function and communicate with the brain?

• How does the subconscious affect the human body, its health, and its outward appearance?

• What are the 29 codes that are seared into the subconscious and that block us from achieving our goals?

• What are the empowering codes in the subconscious?

• What are the positive codes in the subconscious that contain our strengths?

• What is the Genetic Code?

• What is the difference between the subconscious and the superconscious?

• What is the difference between the individual subconscious and the collective subconscious?

• How does the subconscious control our thoughts, emotions, and actions?

• How does gaining control over the subconscious provide solutions for emotional, health, and financial difficulties?

• How is a blocking code transformed into an empowering code?

• What are the thirteen universal frequencies that exist in the universe?

• How do these frequencies affect us?

• What is a low frequency, and what is a high frequency?

• How can low frequencies be transformed into high frequencies?

• What is the power of energetic healing, and how can it be used to program the subconscious?

The courses offered in Arian Lev’s School for the Science of the Subconscious are geared for:

• Therapists, psychologists, family therapists, counselors, life coaches, and other professionals who have studied coaching or NLP, and who would like to learn about an approach that will enable them to better understand the aspects that are beyond their clients’ awareness, and to gain a helpful, effective tool that can lead to breakthroughs where other approaches have failed.

• Business managers, operations- and human-resources managers, marketing and sales people, mediators, and anyone whose work involves interaction with people and who wants to be able to communicate with them in ways that are truly effective, to understand the process by which they make their decisions, and to know how to persuade them and to motivate them.

• Independent professionals such as lawyers, accountants, tax consultants, architects, appraisers, and others, who want to accurately understand the people they deal with.

• Parents who want to understand their children better, to help them overcome their blockages and difficulties, to increase their self-confidence, and to improve the communication and atmosphere within the home.

• People who wish to make a significant inner change, to crack the blocking codes that are preventing them from moving up to the next level in their lives, and to acquire awesome power that will help them live lives of fulfillment, success, joy, realization of their potential, and abundance.

These courses are perfect for anyone who would like to become familiar with the depths of the subconscious, to acquire tools that will enable him to take control of his own life, to understand himself better and to understand others better; to know what drives him and what drives others, and what is the source of the decisions that he and others make. The courses will enable a person to understand himself and to make the right choices and decisions; to build stable, supportive relationships with those around him, and to live with connection to a frequency of love, growth, and development.

Are you curious to know and gain a deep understanding of the secrets of the subconscious?

Do you feel there is some force that is blocking you from success in creating the change you want to make?

Is it important for you to understand the behavior of the people around you?

Do you wish to create a personal and professional advantage for yourself, which enables you to read people accurately?

If you are a therapist or life coach, would you like to lead your clients to major breakthroughs in their lives?

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The Arian Lev School for the Science of the Subconscious


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