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The Magnetic Power

The Magnetic Power

This is an opportunity for you to create the life you’ve always wanted!

It is indeed possible to attract – like a magnet – true love, a satisfying, rewarding career, self-realization, money, the body weight you want, and good health! Each of us has the ability to attract a loving, supportive environment, and we all have infinite capabilities to create and to develop ourselves. The Magnetic Power course will give you the ability to harness the enormous power that lies within you, to connect to levels of consciousness that you never knew existed, to break out of your comfort zone and to gain practical tools for success.

How Does One Harness This Magnetic Power?

Studies reveal that only 5 percent of our reality stem from the choices and decisions we make consciously. The other 95 percent of what happens to us in life is controlled by our subconscious mind, over which we have no control.

Arian Lev, an internationally famed researcher and mentor in the science of the subconscious, has found that every one of us has an inner power that gives us the ability to create the reality we dream of. This awesome power, known as the magnetic power, or the power of attraction, is composed of five magnets: the mental magnet, the emotion magnet, the physical magnet, the spiritual magnet, and the sexual magnet. These forces attract to us whatever our subconscious “broadcasts.”

Following this discovery, Arian Lev developed a method by which every one of us can activate the power of the subconscious to attract to us – effortlessly – the reality we desire. She perfected the method to the point that it is systematic, accurate, and practical. This method brings almost instant results, be they in relationships, abundance, money, success in business, promotions, success in sales, and a fuller life in every sense.

In addition, Arian discovered that the universe contains thirteen different frequencies that form the basis of our magnetic power. This power acts as a receiver, tuned to the particular frequency that is determined by our thoughts, beliefs, manner of speaking, and approach to whatever comes up in life. Some of the thirteen frequencies are high, and they create a reality of abundance, while others are low, negative frequencies, which generate situations of being stuck and in a constant state of deprivation.

In order to develop and strengthen a person’s magnetic power, we must first set his frequency to the correct level. Studies in success have shown that positive thinking, willpower, and determination are not enough to attract abundance so long as we are connected to a low frequency. We can attract the life we dream of only by activating our magnetic power through the correct frequency.

Arian Lev’s Magnetic Power course teaches how to develop the magnetic power, to control it, and to maximize its effects. The course will gives you an understanding of the positive and negative frequencies that surround us, and you will learn how to shift from a negative frequency to a positive frequency, in order to enhance the power of your inner magnet and to change your reality. You will also learn about common errors people make that prevent them from activating the power of attraction that they’ve learned about in the past from other modalities.


Who will gain from this course?

• People who want to fulfill their dreams, earn more money, and achieve huge breakthroughs

• Entrepreneurs and business people who would like to launch new businesses, and the self-employed, who want to increase the profit level of their businesses

• People who want to attract a meaningful relationship, a family, successful parenting, and good, fruitful connections with others

• Freelancers and sales people who want to sell more and to create more customers

• Therapists who want to attract more clients to their clinics, and to apply use of amazing knowledge that will contribute to the success of the treatment

• People who will not settle for anything less than excellence, who want more senior positions in their professional careers, and who want to realize their full potential and to experience their maximum abundance, creativity, and success

What will we learn in the course?

• What is the magnetic power that lies within the subconscious? How does it work, and how does it inspire us to change?

• In which areas of the body is this magnetic power found, and how can one activate it?

• How to “set” the magnetic power to create a different reality in the world around us and to realize our dreams

• How to use the power of the subconscious to attract and create a specific reality, using unique, innovative techniques

• How to identify the frequencies that attract abundance and create a positive reality, and the frequencies that create blockages and a negative reality, regardless of external circumstances

• We will practice activating the magnetic power and using it in practical ways to create a different reality.

• We will becoming adept in applying unique techniques for understanding our inner will and for defining and refining the reality we want to attract.

• We will gain tools to use to release limitations and blockages that have stopped us from progressing in life and creating the reality we’ve always dreamed of.


Details of the course

This course is conducted in an experiential, dynamic format, in small groups.

The course has eight sessions, each session lasting 3.5 hours.

At the end of the course, each participant will receive a certificate certifying completion of the course from the Arian Lev Center.

Do you have a burning desire to make huge breakthroughs and realize your dreams?

Would you like to attract a good relationship, success in business, career advancement, or financial abundance?

If these ideas speak to you and touch a nerve,

then the Magnetic Power Course is your chance

to gain knowledge and practical, effective tools for creating a reality of abundance, fulfillment, and success.

For more information, or to reserve your place in this course, fill in your contact details below, and a representative from the Arian Lev Center will be in touch with you soon.


The Arian Lev System for Programming the Subconscious

Over the course of nearly twenty years of broad-based, intensive research, Arian Lev has developed the Arian Lev System for Programming the Subconscious. She is known internationally as the mentor in the field of the science of the subconscious, and for her method of programming the subconscious. Through her unique system she discovered and proved that there are 29 blocking codes buried deep in the human subconscious that cause us to feel stuck even when there is no objective reason for it. Arian also discovered that it is possible to reprogram these codes, transforming them into empowering codes that enhance our ability to create the life that we desire.

The Arian Lev System for the Programming the Subconscious is based on precise diagnosis of the blocking codes that exist in a person’s subconscious, and on making the transformation from being controlled by those codes to thinking, making decisions, and acting based on the empowering codes that replace them.

Arian Lev also discovered that there are thirteen universal energetic frequencies that are connected to our subconscious and that influence our ability to attract the reality that we want to live. Arian revealed that there are high frequencies that attract a positive reality of abundance, joy, and confidence, and there are low frequencies that attract scarcity, pain, and fear. She found that it is possible to switch from a low frequency to a high frequency through personal inner work, applying the Arian Lev System.

In addition, Arian Lev developed modalities, tools, and other means, including the Magnetic Code Method, the Genetic Code Method, the method for coaching via the subconscious, the Subconscious Business Method, and the Energetic Healing and Programming Method. These methods make it possible to access the deepest recesses of the subconscious and to transform the blocking codes embedded there into empowering codes that promote success in implementing changes, in every area of life.

As a pioneer in the field of the subconscious, Arian Lev continues to be a leader in activities in the field of the subconscious in Israel, and she is invited regularly for speaking engagements and appearances in the media and in various forums, in Israel and abroad. She founded the Arian Lev Center, which provides individual treatment sessions, with a professional staff of therapists and coaches who are highly trained in her modality, and which is also a school offering courses and professional training in The Arian Lev System for the Science of the Subconscious.

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