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The 5 Keys to Programming the Subconscious

The 5 Keys to Programming the Subconscious

This is the only course of its kind offered in Israel, which will take you through a process and will give you the tools that will enable you to program and encode the subconscious. The course combines group learning and workshops, deep understanding of the workings of the subconscious, and exposure to the Methods and practical tools for managing the mechanism of the subconscious and correcting any defects in its functioning.

Are any of the following statements familiar? Be honest with yourself!

  1. Something in my life feels stuck, and no matter what I do, I can’t release it.
  2. I often get this feeling of emptiness, sadness, and lack of inner fulfillment.

I lack self-confidence, and I have a low self-image.

  1. Despite all my talents and great potential, something keeps stopping me from fulfilling my goals and finding fulfillment.
  2. My default state is to help others and to do what pleases them, but I never take my own needs into consideration.
  3. I don’t have a romantic relationship; or, I have a relationship but I don’t feel it’s right for me.
  4. I have a hard time making enough money. I’m just barely surviving financially.
  5. My career is at a dead end, and my workplace makes me suffer.
  6. I have a hard time controlling the amount I eat and keeping my weight down.

If you answered yes to at least one of these statements, it is a sign that there are blocking codes in your subconscious that stop you from breaking through your personal barriers and living the life you would have wanted!


Studies have shown that some 95 percent of our feelings, thoughts, and actions are controlled by blocking codes that have been embedded in our subconscious and are beyond our control, influence, or awareness.

The Arian Lev System for Programming the Subconscious is recognized worldwide as a proven, effective modality that enables people to connect to the energy that drives their lives, frees them once and for all from the inner blocking codes that prevent them from moving forward, and reprogramming their subconscious so they can create a new reality – one that they actually want.

The school for the studies of the subconscious based on The Arian Lev System is now offering a course on “The Five Keys to Programming the Subconscious.” The Five-Keys Method has proven itself to be highly effective, and it is now being taught in Israel and throughout the world. The course consists of five sessions, and in each session we will focus on understanding a particular area of the subconscious and on how to apply the Arian Lev System to change one’s way of thinking. The participants will learn the methodology and will gain unique tools for freeing the subconscious, to make way for inner work, personal experience, and achieving genuine breakthroughs in the subconscious. All this will contribute to success in the areas that are important to them.


Who will gain from this course?

  • People who feel that they are stuck, who cannot succeed in making positive changes in their lives, who feel as if there is an invisible wall stopping them from making any real progress
  • People who dream of having a beneficial, loving relationship, but they can’t seem to find one or to keep one
  • People with a strong desire to maintain a healthy weight, who have tried every possible diet without success, and even when they do manage to lose weight, they gain it back before long
  • Focused, goal-oriented people who like short, effective processes, and who want tools to help them manage any problems and obstacles they encounter, through using the power of the subconscious
  • People who want to build a successful career or to launch a business, but who feel that they are not capable of advancing as they should because there is something that is blocking their professional advancement
  • People who want a loving, inclusive family and good, meaningful relationships with their children
  • People who need to improve their financial status, either because they don’t earn enough money, because they spend everything they earn, or because even when they manage to save up money, unexpected expenses always pop upמפתחות

What is included in the course?

  • Understanding the conscious mind and the subconscious
  • Learning about the blocking codes
  • Understanding the inner coding that drives us, and how it is possible to program it so that we can overcome the barriers to success and to realizing our own dreams
  • A method and unique tools for clearing the subconscious, to enable people to do inner work, to gain personal experience, and to achieve genuine breakthroughs
  • Connecting to one’s true potential and to codes that move one forward; releasing “sediment” and blockages that are in the subconscious that are passed down from generation to generation
  • Learning to interpret the body, its structure and its limbs, and how they reflect the subconscious
  • Connecting to your own destiny and to what you are meant to do in this world
  • Detailed guidance on how to create a new reality and on how to maintain and intensify the changes you have made

The course consists of five sessions; each session focuses on one key

Key #1: Understanding the world of the subconscious

In this first session we will find out what the subconscious is and how it is structured. We will discover who is “guilty” for your bad luck, and we’ll come to understand the inner power that drives us. We will learn how to gain control over that power in order to achieve success regardless of external circumstances.

We will come to know the control system known as the subconscious, and the five blocking codes that affect the great majority of us: love = untrustworthy, love = rejection, life = danger, I = canceled, and I = deletion. We will learn what factors, blocking codes, and empowering codes exist in the subconscious that influence us and make us act as we do. And we will learn how to access the subconscious and balance it so that we can deal with the challenges of life and experience abundance, love, and generosity.

Key #2: Returning to Childhood

During the second session we will gain a powerful key through which we can meet our inner child. Deep within the subconscious there are programs formed of positive and negative codes from experiences connected to the way our parents related to us. For example, if my mother did not understand me, or if she did not believe in me, a negative, blocking code would have formed in my subconscious. If she pampered me or expressed her appreciation of me, a positive, empowering code would form within me.

Of course, most parents try their utmost to give their children the best possible life, but even so, children invariably experience difficulties and pain. Those experiences are seared into their subconscious, and that little boy or girl who was us remains within us, wielding great influence over our lives as adults. By going back to our childhood and examining our subconscious, we can correct the blocking codes that were formed in our past. We can release the negative thoughts and beliefs while preserving the good perceptions and beliefs. Using this second key, we can strengthen our personalities and our capabilities, fortify our self-image, come to terms with our parents, and reconnect to that love we felt as children – for ourselves, for our families, and for the world.

Key #3: The body as a mirror of the subconscious

What does our body say about us? What does our body structure say about the genetic code of our subconscious? How does the food we eat expose our inner world and reflect who we really are? The third key takes us on a journey to get to know our bodies and to gain a new understanding of our subconscious. We will learn how it is programmed: why we have preferences for sweet and/or salty foods; why some of us suffer from chronic headaches; what makes us feel weakness, nausea, or pain, and how we can free ourselves of these conditions through reprogramming the subconscious. This amazing key helps us discover the truth about ourselves and others, through examining a person’s outer appearance.

Key #4: Releasing the inner blocking code and experiencing a rebirth

During this session we will identify which of the subconscious blocking codes is standing in our way, we will learn why it was created and how it prevents us from creating the new, more satisfying reality that we desire. We will learn how to locate the principal code in our subconscious that is blocking us, and we will become familiar with the five most common blocking conditions. This will enable us to develop ourselves and to escape our internal prison, through programming the subconscious with empowering codes. The fourth key opens the door to freedom from the negative thoughts and beliefs that block you, so that you can spring forward, advance, and create a new reality that will lead you to the confidence, satisfaction, and success that you deserve.


Key #5: Connection with your mission

Each of us has a mission and goal for which he was placed in this world, and a dream that he wants to fulfill. During this session the participants will connect with the destiny of their souls and will discover what they need to learn and experience in order to experience their new reality now that they have released the blockages that have been holding them back. This is the stage of discovering the new “me” and what gift we are meant to contribute to the world in order to feel a deep, inner sense of completeness and harmony. This is the final stage of our journey, and it focuses on self-realization, creativity, a precise directing of our lives, and planning our new future reality.


Details of the course:

The course includes five sessions.

Each session is four hours long.

The course is delivered by a senior therapist of the Arian Lev System

Do fears and anxieties stop you from acting?


Do changes frighten you?

Do you find that you are incapable of making a positive change in your life, whether in relationships, career, financial status, body weight, health, or some other area, despite all your many efforts?

Would you like to identify exactly what it is that is stopping you, and to free yourself of the blockages that are preventing you from fulfilling your desires?

“The Five Keys” Course will give you the knowledge, the understanding, and the tools you need to achieve significant breakthroughs, to live with inner freedom, and to create the reality that you’ve dreamed of!

For more information and to reserve your place in the course, fill in your contact details below,

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The Arian Lev System for Programming the Subconscious

Over the course of nearly twenty years of broad-based, intensive research, Arian Lev has developed the Arian Lev System for Programming the Subconscious. She is known internationally as the mentor in the field of the science of the subconscious. Through her unique approach she discovered and proved that there are 29 blocking codes buried deep in the human subconscious that cause people to feel stuck even when there is no objective reason for it. Arian also discovered that it is possible to reprogram these codes, transforming them into empowering codes that can enhance our ability to create the life that we desire.

The Arian Lev System for the Science of the Subconscious is based on precise diagnosis of the blocking codes existing in a person’s subconscious, and on making a transformation from being controlled by those codes to becoming an independent self-manager, through the empowering codes that replace them.

Arian Lev also discovered that there are thirteen universal energetic frequencies that influence our ability to attract the reality that we want to live, through the connection to the magnetic energy of the subconscious. Arian revealed that there are high frequencies that attract a positive reality of abundance, joy, and security, and there are low frequencies that attract scarcity, pain, and fear. She found that it is possible to shift from a low frequency to a high frequency through a personal process of organized, structured inner work.

In addition, Arian developed modalities, tools, and other means, including the Genetic Code Method, the Magnetic Code Method, the method for coaching via the subconscious, the Energetic Healing and Programming Method. These methods make it possible to access the deepest recesses of the subconscious and to transform the blocking codes embedded there into codes that promote success in implementing changes, in every area of life.

As a pioneer in the field of the subconscious, Arian Lev continues to be a leader in activities in the field of the subconscious in Israel, and she is invited regularly for speaking engagements and appearances in the media, both printed and electronic, in Israel and abroad. She founded the Arian Lev Center, which provides individual treatments through accessing the subconscious, and which is also a school offering courses and professional training in The Arian Lev System for the Science of the Subconscious.

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