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The Science of the Subconscious

The Science of the Subconscious

Arian Lev’s School for the Science of the Subconscious offers you an opportunity to unlock the mysteries of the subconscious and to gain access to a versatile, proven method, including tools and unique, fascinating programs. The course for the Science of the Subconscious will give you key professional tools for successful therapeutic work, life-coaching, and counseling. These tools will give you an advantage in managing and motivating employees, in mediation, and in sales and marketing. You will also gain practical tools for personal development and for achieving breakthroughs in every area of life.


What will you receive in this course?

• A deep understanding of the human soul and the inner mechanisms that create the reality of our lives. The course will give you tools that will enable you to understand the thought patterns of both adults and children. These tools will serve you in your personal life and your professional life, for analyzing people, for managing and motivating employees, for negotiating deals, and in sales and marketing.

• Understanding the makeup of the subconscious: The course will give you unique knowledge, based on Arian Lev’s nearly 20 years of research, which led her to reveal a system for understanding the subconscious and its effects on our brain and on the reality of our lives.

• Familiarity with the 29 blocking codes in the subconscious – In the course you will learn the Arian Lev System for creating a desired reality, through reprogramming the 29 blocking codes that are etched into the subconscious. You will learn how these codes affect our lives at various levels: relationships, personal development, family, finances, business, health, and more.

• New insight into yourself – You will learn how a blocking code is first formed in the subconscious and how it influences the brain. You will gain tools that will enable you to diagnose the blocking codes in the subconscious and to identify which ones are actively affecting you and those around you. And you will learn how to release them in order to strengthen your ability to succeed.


The course is especially helpful for:

• Therapists, psychologists, social workers, life coaches, NLP trainers, and counselors – anyone who wants to know more about the unknown recesses of their clients’ minds, and who want to acquire effective, useful tools to help their clients make real breakthroughs in areas in which they feel stuck.

• Managers, employees, marketing- and sales people, mediators, and anyone whose work involves interaction with people and who wants to be able to communicate with them in ways that are truly effective. It will enable people to understand the process by which others make decisions and to know how to persuade them and to motivate them, to create better business partnerships, to close more deals, and to recruit and develop better employees.

• Independent professionals: lawyers, accountants, appraisers, insurance agents, architects, and others, who want to gain the ability to “read” the people they deal with, quickly and accurately.

• Parents, especially parents of teenagers, who want to understand their children better, to convey messages to them effectively, so that these messages will remain in their awareness, and to enable them to overcome the blockages that are holding them back.

• People who want to make a significant inner shift, to understand themselves better, to understand what motivates others, and to crack the blocking codes that are preventing them from moving up to the next level in their lives.

קוס מדעי


What will we learn in the course?

• What is the subconscious? Where is it located? How does it activate the brain? What is the connection between the brain, the subconscious, and the creation of our reality?

• What are the 29 fundamental conditions that block our subconscious? How are these blocking conditions formed? How do they affect us and control us? How do they find expression in our reality – in our relationships, in our health, in our businesses and careers?

• How can you analyze the person you are with? Practical training in how to prepare a preliminary questionnaire to locate blocking codes and to map out the blocking codes and the empowering codes.

• How to identify blocking codes within our own subconscious and in the subconscious of others. How to use blocking codes in our interactions with others to motivate them, to speak to them, and to help them move forward – in therapy, in a sales talk, with children, and in other situations.

• How to release inner barriers and motivate ourselves when we are blocked – tools for detouring around the blockages to create success in our relationships, both with ourselves and with others.

• How does a shift in the subconscious affect us and our environment? How does it affect our personal relationships and the family we will raise, our financial status, our health, and the opportunities that we will encounter?

• How to program the subconscious through alpha waves and beta waves – tools for programming the subconscious and for programming brain waves to create the life we desire.


Details of the course:

The course consists of ten sessions, taught in small, intimate groups.

Each session is four hours long.

The course is led by a senior therapist in the Arian Lev System.

At the end of the course, each participant will receive a certificate certifying completion of the course from the School for the Science of the Subconscious.


If you would like to learn the secrets of the subconscious and to understand the modus operandi that is behind our decisions and actions,

if you want to succeed in making meaningful changes in your life,

if it’s important to you to acquire therapeutic training and coaching tools that will enable you to lead your clients to major breakthroughs, or to motivate the people with whom you interact – customers, employees, colleagues, and family members,

then the Science of the Subconscious Mind course is your opportunity to do all this!

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קורס מדעי

About the Arian Lev System for Programming the Subconscious

Over the course of nearly twenty years of broad-based, intensive research, Arian Lev has developed the Arian Lev System for Programming the Subconscious. She is known internationally as the mentor in the field of the science of the subconscious, and for her method of programming the subconscious. Through her unique system, she discovered and proved that there are 29 blocking codes buried deep in the human subconscious that cause us to feel stuck even when there is no objective reason for it. Arian also discovered that it is possible to reprogram these codes, transforming them into empowering codes that can enhance our ability to make decisions and to act in ways that support our ability to achieve our goals.

The Arian Lev System for the Science of the Subconscious is based on precise diagnosis of the blocking codes that are embedded in the subconscious, and on making a transformation from being controlled by those codes to becoming an independent self-manager, through the empowering codes that replace them.

Arian Lev also discovered that there are thirteen universal energetic frequencies that influence our ability to attract the reality that we want to live, since we are connected to the magnetic energy of the subconscious. Arian revealed that there are high frequencies that attract a positive reality of abundance, joy, and confidence, and there are low frequencies that attract scarcity, pain, and fear. She found that it is possible to switch from a low frequency to a high frequency through an organized, structured process of inner work.

In addition, Arian Lev developed modalities, tools, and other means, including the Genetic Code Method, the Magnet Code Method, the method for coaching via the subconscious, the Subconscious Business Method, and the Energetic Healing and Programming Method. These methods make it possible to access the deepest recesses of the subconscious and to transform the blocking codes embedded there into empowering codes that promote success in implementing changes in every area of life.

As a pioneer in the field of the subconscious, Arian Lev continues to be a leader in activities in the field of the subconscious in Israel, and she is invited regularly for speaking engagements and appearances in the media in Israel and abroad. She founded the Arian Lev Center, which provides individual treatment sessions and coaching through accessing the subconscious, with a professional staff of therapists and coaches who are highly trained and certified in her system and which is also a school offering courses and professional training in the Arian Lev System for the Science of the Subconscious.

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