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Miriam Shermer

Miriam Shermer

… Something in that conversation touched me deeply; something made me feel different, and two months later I decided to muster the courage and give treatment a chance.

I mainly wanted to work on my femininity, on my attitude regarding my female body, and on what it's like to feel like a woman in general. In my family, on my mother's side, being a woman and a mother is often perceived as a weakness. My grandmother gave birth to her two eldest daughters when she was quite young; most women of that time did the same, and she felt that being a mother hindered her development and especially her ability to learn. When I turned 20, all through my entire birthday party she kept saying, “Imagine, at your age I was already taking care of two children! But you, on the other hand, are free….” The treatments [at the Arian Lev Center] helped me tremendously to free myself of this attitude.

I realized that I was suppressing and hiding my femininity. I realized that being a woman and a mother was a very charged issue in my family. I realized that I had conditioned myself to believe that “being a woman = weakness,” and that if I would focus on my femininity, my career would be blocked and I would not have a path to progress.

I also discovered that I felt it was dangerous to have a female body, and that’s why I always tried to hide my female body. I was afraid to display my body; I was afraid that I would attract attention, that people would look at me – and that would be dangerous.

During the treatments I released these conditionings, and I was able to connect to my femininity, to love my body, and to feel courage and pride to display it to the world. Suddenly I love it! Suddenly I realize that being a woman is a beautiful thing, and I’m even proud of it.

Today, a year later, I am happy to report that I am free of anxiety and fears. I enjoy my work, and I was even promoted. I enjoy my relationship as I’ve never enjoyed it before, and every day I celebrate and love my femininity more and more.

About two months ago, the love of my life proposed to me. We’ll be getting married soon, and I’m planning to be the most beautiful, most feminine bride in the world!

And it makes me so happy.

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