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Why are so many people yearning for a lasting relationship?

The need for a close relationship, for love and security, is a basic, deeply rooted human need. Our special, intimate connection with someone who brings a sense of completeness to our life and fully embraces our inner soul enables us to feel secure and relaxed. We can take pleasure in growing together and experiencing the journey of life together.

Why is it so difficult nowadays for many people to find a lasting relationship? And why are so many people involved in relationships that do not benefit them?

We are living in amazing, flourishing times that offer us more options than ever before in all areas of life, including that of finding and cultivating relationships: Dating sites are available to us around the clock, no matter where we are; direct communication is possible with anyone anywhere in the world; and there are numerous social networks. We can use any of these options to expand our social circles and to launch or join countless groups based on personal data and common interests. It would seem that it has never been easier to meet new people and to find a romantic relationship. And it is for this very reason that so many people feel frustrated; they see all the options out there waiting for them, but they don’t manage to make it happen – they don’t find the relationship they so desire.

Why is it that so many people don’t find a lasting romantic relationship?


Why do countless people experience pain in their relationships? What stops people from experiencing a sense of inner freedom in their relationships? Why do they feel they can’t bring all of themselves into the relationship – just as they are, able to express themselves fully and openly?

The reason for this is that hardly any of our reality is determined by our conscious desires. Instead, genetic blocking codes that are etched into our subconscious affect the way we think, feel, and act. These blocking codes, deep in our subconscious, were transmitted to us through our DNA while we were still in the womb, and some were formed by experiences and emotions that we absorbed and accumulated during our first ten years of life, such as the way our parents’ relationship made them feel; how much love they taught us that we deserve; the confidence we felt in the love we received from them; and more. All these factors became blocking codes in our subconscious, and to this day they drive our thoughts, feelings, and actions in all areas of life, including, of course, our efforts to form a romantic relationship. If the love we experienced in our childhood did not give us a sense of security and intimacy, then that same initial wound will recycle itself again and again in the love we experience as adults, and we will sense that same emptiness in our hearts. Instead of finding partners who will give us that wonderful, pleasant, sublime feeling, we will be attracted to people who do not fulfill our needs; along with their love, they will bring us the other, painful side as well.

What can be done to break the patterns that block us from finding a lasting loving relationship?

Reprogramming blocking codes into empowering codes

Over the course of nearly 20 years of in-depth research, Arian Lev discovered that within our subconscious there are 29 universal blocking codes that are actually a set of commands that the brain reads, and it responds accordingly. These codes cause us to make decisions and choices that are not in our own best interests. Only by replacing these blocking codes with empowering codes will we be able to make decisions and act in ways that will lead us to fulfill our conscious desires.

Energetic frequencies that power the subconscious mind

Arian also discovered that there are 13 energetic frequencies, which connect to the powers of the subconscious and affect our ability to create the reality that we want for ourselves. Some of these are high frequencies and some are low frequencies. The high frequencies attract a positive reality of confidence and joy into our lives, while the low frequencies attract a negative reality of pain and fear.

How does the Arian Lev System for accessing the subconscious enable us to change our life-patterns and find a loving relationship?


Following these discoveries, Arian developed the Arian Lev System for the Science of the Subconscious as a precise, structured, systematic method that allows those blocking codes in the subconscious to be replaced with empowering codes, and low frequencies to be transformed into high frequencies. These changes, which come about as the result of therapy/coaching and self-work, enable us to choose the partner who is right for us and to attract into our lives that wonderful love that is waiting there for us – the relationship that is right and good for us.

Applying the Arian Lev System, first we reprogram the blocking codes in our subconscious, replacing them with empowering codes that support the thoughts, decisions, and actions that will lead us to the relationship we desire. Next, we look at the frequencies that are driving us, and if we find that we are functioning at low frequencies, with the help of Arian’s System we transform them into high frequencies that enable us to form a loving relationship that is truly beneficial for us.

Reprogramming blocking codes to transform them into empowering codes in order to find a loving relationship that is truly right for us

The following are some examples of blocking codes that prevent us from creating the relationship we desire:

“Love = abandonment”

The subconscious blocking code “love = abandonment” causes us to withdraw and abandon our potential partner just when we feel love developing, because we cannot identify with this goodness. This phenomenon can occur when, every time a relationship begins to develop, the other person disappears unexpectedly, since he or she feels safe only when alone. Or, we might abandon the potential partner, thinking that “this is not the one,” or “this relationship has become boring,” or “it is suffocating me,” or for some other excuse.

Alternatively, the code “love = abandonment” can cause the opposite behavior – we might cling to our partner (even when the relationship is harmful), for fear that otherwise the love will disappear, and we don’t want to lose it.

Applying the Arian Lev System, replacing the subconscious blocking code “love = abandonment” with the empowering code “love = security” allows us to feel secure in the connection and in the relationship, and it allows the relationship to develop in healthy ways.

“Love = rejection”

The subconscious blocking code “love = rejection” causes us to reject or even to feel disgust for a potential available and interested partner. This code can lead us to be attracted to individuals who are considered hard to get, who are not available for a serious relationship, or who don’t even want us. This strong blocking code in the subconscious always leaves us in a place of “nonexistence,” of feelings of disgust and deficiency. Only by reprogramming this code in the subconscious to the empowering code of “love = acceptance” will we be able to begin to receive, to absorb, and to love.

“Woman = degradation”

The subconscious blocking code “woman = degradation” makes a woman feel degraded every time she connects to her femininity within a relationship. A woman whose actions are dictated by this blocking code will try to control the relationship and to put down her partner, or she will feel that her partner is putting her down and does not appreciate or respect her. Replacing this blocking code in the subconscious with the code "woman = power and esteem" frees the mind from this feeling of degradation. She feels valued and powerful, and she relates to the opposite sex from a different place – a place of respect and appreciation.


“Masculinity = degradation”

The subconscious blocking code “masculinity = degradation” exists similarly in men, and it often hinders them from entering into a meaningful relationship. When they do have a relationship, they feel that their masculinity is degraded – similar to the pattern they saw in their father. These men are attracted to women who will make them feel less good and less successful, who make them believe that they are missing some basic element. Since the relationship makes them feel so degraded, they are liable to become closed up and aggressive. The Arian Lev System teaches that replacing this blocking code with the code "masculinity = power and esteem" allows a man to attract into his life a relationship in which he will feel safe to open up and to devote himself to his partner, a relationship in which he will receive the appreciation he needs.

“Love = betrayal”

The blocking code in the subconscious “love = betrayal” is found in people who have previously experienced betrayal, and they live in fear that their partner will betray them again. Sometimes these people will prefer to be the ones who cheat, because they feel safe only if they know that they have other options in the relationship. The Arian Lev System teaches that replacing the blocking code “love = betrayal” with the empowering code "love = security" makes it possible for a person to trust love and loyalty, and to find that aspect of themselves that can allow others to trust them and that is willing to fully connect in the relationship.

Transforming low frequencies to high frequencies

The Arian Lev System teaches that when we live in low frequencies, such as the "concealment and lies" frequency, or the "ostrich" frequency, we may end up living in a relationship that is bad for us and yet tell ourselves that it is good for us, and remain in that relationship. Changing these frequencies to high frequencies, such as the frequency of “regality,” which will connect us to a feeling that we deserve more, or the frequency of “winners,” which will give us the confidence to make a change, enable us to break free of relationships that cause us pain and to attract loving relationships that are right and good for us.

What about you?


Did you find yourself in some of these codes? Do you have a hard time finding a lasting relationship, or are you in a relationship that is not good for you? You deserve better! You deserve to live a good life of abundance, joy, and love. You deserve to find the relationship that is right for you, one that will build you up, that will be good for you. You deserve to be free to say what you feel, to express yourself fully, and to feel confident in the love and the loyalty of the person at your side!

The Arian Lev System for Programming the Subconscious incorporates a wide range of methods, tools, and means for implementing processes of change and for achieving goals and inner freedom, through accessing the subconscious and replacing the blocking codes with empowering codes. These tools include the method of coaching via the subconscious; the Magnet Code Method for attracting a desired reality; the Genetic Code Method for diagnosis, based on a person’s body structure and state of health; the Energetic Healing Method; the method of coaching via the subconscious; and the Subconscious Business Method, for business management and sales.

The Arian Lev Center offers individual treatment sessions, facilitated by a team of exceptional therapists and coaches, all of whom are highly trained and certified in the Arian Lev System of working with the subconscious. It is also a school where the science of the subconscious is taught, offering courses, mentoring, and professional training in the Arian Lev System for the Science of the Subconscious.

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