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Self-confidence is the key to feeling great

We would all like to have stable, strong self-confidence, to feel comfortable with who we are, to express ourselves freely and without hesitation, and to express our needs and desires clearly. We want to be free of any fears of change, opposition, or criticism; we want to be able to develop and display our emotions, to take initiative and to be leaders; to believe that we can fulfill our dreams.

How is self-confidence created, and what makes it fade away?

We all enter the world feeling sure of ourselves and comfortable with who we are. However, as children we experience criticism and blame, and at times even ridicule, while interacting with those around us. Too often the result is that we close up within ourselves and lose our self-confidence.

ביטחון עצמי

These experiences, which are etched into our subconscious, create “codes” that form blockages within us, and we accept these codes as absolute truths. Studies have shown that only 5 percent of our thoughts, feelings, and choices come to us consciously, and the other 95 percent are controlled by the subconscious. So those blocking codes that are formed in the subconscious control our thoughts, feelings, and actions, creating patterns of behavior that prevent us from living the life we would truly want to live.

For example, if in our early childhood we absorbed a message from those around us that the things we say are not important enough, this can lead us to be afraid to express our opinions, to avoid sharing our ideas or taking initiative. Instead of working to realize our own dreams, we will try to satisfy others. Similarly, if as children we were criticized for mistakes we made, and that criticism hurt us and lodged itself within in our subconscious as a code, the resulting fear of failing or of disappointing others is liable to prevent us from daring to take chances as adults.

What can be done to break the patterns that undermine our confidence in ourselves and our abilities?

Reprogramming subconscious blocking codes into empowering codes

The Arian Lev System for accessing the subconscious – which was developed over the course of 20 years of in-depth research – identified 29 universal blocking codes that are seared into our subconscious and that prevent us from creating the life we truly want to live. Arian Lev has guided tens of thousands of people to make significant changes in their lives. Using this system, she discovered that only by transforming those blocking codes – which are actually commands that our brains read and obey – into empowering codes, will we be able to connect to our authentic desires, to believe that we deserve to have abundance and goodness in our lives, and to fully express ourselves, with stable, strong self-confidence – confidence in who we are and what we are.

Energy frequencies for attracting reality

Arian Lev has further revealed that there are 13 universal energy frequencies in the world, which affect our ability to create the reality that we want for ourselves. When we are connected to high frequencies it is easy for us to attract confidence, joy, and success into our lives. But when we are connected to low frequencies we attract fear, pain, disappointment, and low confidence. For example, people connected to the "concealment and lies" frequency will feel constantly weak and worthless, and so they tend to cover up, embellish, and obscure the truth, for fear that people will discover what they really are.

ביטחון עצמי

The Arian Lev System for Programming the Subconscious

Following these discoveries, Arian developed the Arian Lev System for Programming the Subconscious, a structured, orderly, proven method of releasing blocking patterns and creating a desired reality. This is accomplished by reprogramming the blocking codes in the subconscious, transforming them into empowering codes, and by switching from low frequencies, which attract pain and fear, to high frequencies, which help us attract confidence and joy into our lives.

Reprogramming blocking codes into codes that build confidence

The following are examples of blocking codes that undermine our self-confidence:

"I = canceled"

This blocking code causes our brains to work to invalidate who we are. People who are driven by this code will feel that whenever they have a desire to respond or to express their opinion, there is some inner force that stops them, perhaps even to the point that they feel they’re being strangled. This forces them to ignore their desire to speak, and to just keep silent. In many cases these people will become quiet and introverted, and often they will feel jealousy or guilt, and they will tend to be people-pleasers.

Replacing this blocking code with the empowering code of "I = self-expression" will enable a person to give voice to his authentic desires and to express himself with complete confidence.

"Love = untrustworthy"

People who are driven by this blocking code are not able to accept into their lives anything that is connected to love, abundance, health, or security. They feel distrust in their relationships with other people and even with themselves. As they relate to themselves, this code makes it hard for them to believe in their ability to succeed, and when someone compliments them, it will make them feel uncomfortable, and they ask, "Is that really true?" When it comes to relating to others, this feeling of distrust is liable to harm their romantic relationships and to prevent them from cooperating with people who could help them move forward in their lives.

We replace this blocking code with the empowering code of "love = security and trust."

“I = disappointment"

The blocking code "I = disappointment" creates an inner feeling of disappointment, causing people to be disappointed with others and even with themselves, regardless of the event or the situation. People who are driven by this code live with constant feelings of disappointment, failure, self-flagellation, and pain. These feelings destroy their confidence, and as a result they avoid recommending themselves for various positions or missions; they are afraid of disappointing themselves and others.

When we replace this blocking code with the empowering code "I = success and confidence," we transform the feeling of disappointment into a sense of success, and we create the potential to meet expectations – both our own expectations and those of others.

Transforming low frequencies into high frequencies

The Arian Lev System for Programming the Subconscious teaches that when we are connected to low frequencies we attract fear and anxiety, and it is very difficult for us to attract a reality of inner peace and security. As we have mentioned, people who are connected to the "concealment and lies" frequency always tend to feel weak and worthless, and therefore they try to hide, cover up, and blur the reality, for fear that others might find out who and what they really are. Another low frequency that attracts insecurity into our lives is the "safety mode" frequency, which prevents us from going out of our comfort zone and from moving forward in life, because any change gives rise to anxiety and fear. The "ostrich" frequency is yet another low frequency that attracts insecurity. People who are connected to this frequency refuse to face reality. They silence any thoughts of problems and ignore them. Nevertheless, since they know deep inside that the problems exist, they are constantly ill at ease and fearful of the day when they will be forced to face the truth.

Transforming these low frequencies into high frequencies enables us to replace fear and despair with a sense of security and optimism. Some examples of these high frequencies that are quite useful in these cases are the frequencies of "creativity and growth," which inspires us to be eager to deal with changes and challenges; "winners," which enables us to approach new beginnings with the self-assurance that we will succeed; or “the sky’s the limit,” which gives us confidence in our ability to overcome every obstacle.

What about you?

ביטוחון עצמי

Did you find yourself within these examples of blocking codes? Do you have a feeling that you lack self-confidence? Does a fear of expressing yourself sometimes hinder you? Is it hard for you to trust your own judgment or to try to persuade other people that you’re right? You deserve better! You deserve to live a wonderful life, filled with feelings of security and joy! You deserve to accept yourself, to believe in your own abilities, and to feel free to express yourself and to express your opinions!

The Arian Lev System for the Science of the Subconscious provides methods, tools, and means for implementing the process of change, for achieving goals, and for creating inner freedom. You can make all this happen, through accessing the subconscious and transforming blocking codes into empowering codes. These tools include: the Arian Lev Method for programming the subconscious; the Magnet Code Method for attracting a desired reality; the Genetic Code Method for diagnosis, based on a person’s body structure and state of health; the method of coaching via the subconscious; the Subconscious Business Method for management and sales; and the Energetic Healing Method.

The Arian Lev Center offers individual treatment sessions, facilitated by a team of professional therapists and coaches, all of whom are highly trained and certified in the Arian Lev System of accessing the subconscious. It is also a school where the science of the subconscious is taught, offering courses and professional training in the Arian Lev System for the Science of the Subconscious.


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