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A Magnet for Success

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Live the life you’ve always wanted to live!

Everyone can create, can develop himself, and can bring himself to higher levels of satisfaction, self-fulfillment, and joie de vivre. We all have the ability to place ourselves in a loving, supportive environment that will help us advance, break out of our comfort zone, and achieve exceptional results in every area of life – including love and romance, a satisfying, rewarding career, a comfortable income, success in business, joy in life, a desired body weight, and good health!

So why is it that, so often, we find ourselves stuck in our comfort zone, where we cannot realize our full potential and make real breakthroughs in life?

Many times we feel a burning desire to blast off to higher levels. Even if we’re comfortable with our romantic partner, we have a respectable position at work or a thriving business, we have plenty of friends, and in general life seems to be flowing peacefully, we still feel some inner disquiet because we know deep inside that there’s something big awaiting us out there, something new, more challenging, more exciting, and more satisfying. We feel that an altogether different, thrilling life could be theirs, that it’s within arm’s reach, but right now we just can’t access it.

We dream of waking up every morning happy doing what we love to do, with enthusiasm. We want to be constantly achieving new heights and living the life we believe that we deserve.

So why doesn’t that happen?

Studies have shown that willpower, positive thinking and perseverance are not enough to create abundance in our lives as long as on the subconscious level we believe that our inner freedom is limited; and on an energetic level we are attracting to our lives the negative circumstances of pain and disappointment. In order to free ourselves of the inner blockages and barriers that prevent us from fully realizing our potential, we need to do deep inner work. We need to connect ourselves to those codes and energies that will enable us to attract a life of prosperity, personal and professional fulfillment, success, romance, a career, financial abundance, and joy in our lives.


How can we create and attract success, achievement, and satisfaction?

Programming codes in the subconscious

The Arian Lev System for the Science of the Subconscious, which has been developed over the course of 20 years of intense research, revealed that there are 29 universal blocking codes rooted in the human subconscious. Some of these codes became embedded in our minds before we were born, and others were formed during our early childhood years. These blocking codes cause us to live in turmoil, while an inner storm of frustration churns, waiting continuously for the desired changes that simply don’t materialize.

These blocking codes control our thoughts, our choices, and our actions, through commands that they send to our brains, which create patterns of thinking and behavior that often run counter to our conscious will. This is because, as studies have proven, 95 percent of what we do and think is controlled by commands received from our subconscious. Only 5 percent of our life decisions are made by our conscious will. Thus, those blocking codes exert overwhelming influence over our lives. The Arian Lev System revealed further that these blocking codes can be replaced with empowering codes, and in this way we can achieve complete, permanent freedom from the feeling that we are fighting to survive – a feeling that holds us back; releasing the blocking codes will enable us to transition to a new mode of life, in which we will be connected to our true potential and will believe in ourselves.


The magnetic power

In another study Arian Lev made on the ability to attract reality, she discovered that every one of us has an inner power that can enable us to create the reality we dream of. This incredible power, which is referred to as “the magnetic power,” has five components: the mental magnet, the emotional magnet, the physical magnet, the spiritual magnet, and the sexual magnet. All these magnets attract to us whatever it is that our subconscious broadcasts.

In addition, Arian Lev revealed that there are thirteen frequencies that form the basis of our magnetic power. Some of these frequencies are positive, and they create a reality of abundance, while others are negative, creating constant lack and “stuckness” in life. Based on all these discoveries, Arian developed a precise, practical, and systematic system that can enable every one of us to transition from low frequencies to high frequencies, and to activate the power of the subconscious to attract to ourselves –effortlessly – the circumstances we desire, in any area of life, be it romance, abundance, finances, success in business, advancing in our career, increased sales, or a more fulfilling life. We can have all this, right from the start.


The Arian Lev System for Programming the Subconscious

The Arian Lev System for Programming the Subconscious is a proven, highly effective modality that enables us to free ourselves of all the blockages that hold us back, and to attract into our lives the circumstances that we truly desire.


Reprogramming blocking codes in the subconscious into empowering codes that will attract success

The following are some examples of subconscious codes:

“I = deletion”

The blocking code “I = deletion” causes a person to discount himself and his desires, and even his own needs. He lives his life “deleting” himself. By transforming this code to the empowering code of “I = existence,” the person lives his desires and needs, and what he considers to be success. He experiences his existence through success and self-fulfillment.



“Life = struggle”

The blocking code “life = struggle” leads a person to strain himself to the limit for every small achievement. Every success comes with blood, sweat and tears, so much so that this can’t be considered a life of success, even if the person actually does achieve what he aimed to achieve. By transforming this code to the empowering code of “life = security,” the person can attract success, achieved much more easily, and can then go on to bigger goals, confident that he can reach them as well and that it will not be at such a high, painful cost.


“Life = danger”

This blocking code leaves a person feeling that he is in a constant struggle for survival, since he senses that he faces danger wherever he goes and whatever he does. The best he can hope for each day is to get through it without any tragedy befalling him. He ends up full of fear, anxiety, suspicion, mistrust, and fear of the future. When this code is transformed into “life = security,” all these fears and anxieties and feelings of struggle to survive dissipate, giving way to a higher energy that enables the person to dream, to hope, and to dare to take the chances necessary for success.


“Love = rejection”

When we want to create success while we have the blocking code “love = rejection” inside of us, we experience things being chronically pushed away. Everything in our lives is being put off – or we ourselves push it away. For example, we know that in order to reach the weight we desire, we need to change our diet, but we continuously postpone the day that we will make the necessary changes. Or, we know that if we want to bring in a good income and experience true abundance we need to take certain steps, but we keep procrastinating doing what we know we should do. This frustrating habit is a direct result of the blocking code, and as a result our success is also pushed away and we don’t achieve it. Another way this code can manifest is that even when we ourselves don’t procrastinate in taking care of things, and we take the necessary steps to achieve success, we experience this “pushing away” in other ways, such as having projects postponed, money that doesn’t appear in our bank account, and other such issues.

When a person is driven by this blocking code he may experience being held back by himself, as he stops himself from progressing in life, and/or others are holding him back; and his success is held back as well, remaining beyond his reach. Exchanging this code for the code of “love = acceptance” will enable a person to allow love and success into his life, and to hold onto them and enjoy them without pushing them away.


Transforming low frequencies to high frequencies

According to the Arian Lev System for the Science of the Subconscious, when we are connected to low frequencies we attract into our lives a reality of pain, scarcity, and fear, and we live with a sense of always missing out. One such frequency is that of “Les Miserables” (“the wretched ones”), a frequency that causes us to become addicted to hardship and to bad feelings. Other examples of low frequencies are “survival mode,” in which everything we have or achieve comes to us through feelings of intense struggle; the “everyone takes advantage of me” frequency, which makes us feel that we’ve given away so much that we have nothing left for ourselves; and the “safe place” frequency, which is characterized by a deep fear of changes, which limits us to the well-known and the familiar and prevents us from moving up to the next level in life.

Switching these frequencies for high frequencies enables us to free ourselves from these debilitating limitations, to attract a positive reality into our lives, and to enjoy success. One example of a high frequency is that of “creativity and growth” – a frequency of flow that inspires people to roll up their sleeves and deal with the challenges they face, happily and in positive ways. People who are connected to this high frequency love to learn new things and are always advancing. They feel that they are in charge of their own lives.

Another high frequency is that of “winners.” People who are connected to this frequency display courage and innovation, and they are able to keep moving forward even when they are involved in lengthy, complicated processes. They see crises as opportunities from which they’ll be able to create success and abundance.

Another example of a high frequency is that of “the sky’s the limit.” People who are connected to it are people with high aspirations who believe that anything is possible. They are confident that they will be able to handle any problems that arise, and they believe that the reality we experience is the result of our own choices.


What about you?


Would you like to soar to new heights of success, awareness, and achievement? To wake up in the morning with enthusiasm, to go to sleep with deep satisfaction, and to live life to the fullest? You deserve it! You deserve to make all your dreams come true – to have a loving relationship, financial success, a satisfying career, and good health! You deserve to feel good about yourself and to break through all the barriers to achieve your deepest desires.

The Arian Lev System for the Science of the Subconscious incorporates a wide range of modalities, tools, and strategies for implementing processes of change to create success and to achieve goals and inner freedom, through accessing the subconscious and replacing blocking codes with empowering codes. These tools include the Arian Lev Method for programming the subconscious; the Magnet Code Method for attracting a desired reality; the Genetic Code Method for diagnosis based on a person’s body structure and state of health; the Energetic Healing Method; the method of coaching via the subconscious; and the Subconscious Business Method for business management and sales.

The Arian Lev Center offers individual treatment sessions, facilitated by a team of professional therapists, all of whom are highly trained and certified in the Arian Lev System. It is also a school for the study of the subconscious, offering courses and professional training in the Arian Lev System for the Science of the Subconscious.


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