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To be a parent is one of the greatest gifts in our lives

So many people dream of becoming parents, and most of us invest all that we are and everything we have into parenting, because it is so important to us to help our children become successful and productive, and we want to develop a good, meaningful relationship with them.

So why – even though our children are so important to us – don’t we succeed in being the parents that we would have wanted to be for them?

Research has shown that only 5 percent of the decisions and choices we make are based on our conscious will, whereas 95 percent of them are determined by the subconscious mind, where genetic codes that are imprinted there control our behavior patterns. Many times these codes prevent us from fulfilling our conscious desires. These blocking codes in the subconscious are transmitted to us through our DNA, some of them from the time we were still in our mother's womb, and some of them seared into our subconscious later, through the experiences and feelings we went through and absorbed in childhood, during the first ten years of life.

Then, we have a child of our own who, initially, depends on us 24/7, around the clock, without interruption, without giving us a chance to rest. Even as the child grows up, new challenges in parenting come up all the time, and they bring out all our familiar – and unwanted – behavior patterns that we absorbed and acquired during our childhood years. Many times we “recycle” for our children the things we experienced from adults while we ourselves were children, and we may find ourselves treating our children the way we treat our own inner child. All this, even though in our conscious minds we try very hard not to be like our parents and not to parent in the ways they did.

Blocking codes in the subconscious minds of parents


The months of pregnancy and the first ten years of childhood are a critical period of time in parenting. During that time we hardwire the child’s subconscious, and we give over to him whatever we’re meant to convey before we set him free to continue developing on his own. Therefore, in order to set the foundation for proper parenting, and to approach parenting in the right way, it is important that we first do inner work on ourselves. We must find out: Are we shutting down our own inner child? Are we giving our children the impression that life is dangerous? Are we passing on to them the blocking code of “rejection”? If we as parents do not deal with our own subconscious blocking codes, those codes will show up in our children and will affect our relationships with them.

In addition, our children absorb whatever example we display to them, and this includes how we relate to ourselves. There are many parents who indeed convey to their children positive messages that they themselves did not receive as children, such as believing in oneself as a capable and talented person. However, these same parents may continue to discount or reject themselves. They might give up on their own dreams; they may feel that they do not deserve to fulfill their own desires, that they’re not worthy enough, and as a result the child’s subconscious absorbs the message that, like his parent, he too is undeserving and unworthy. And then, when the child receives so much and is told that he is worthy of everything, as his parents relate to him, his mind hears two conflicting voices, and he becomes confused. One voice says to feel good about himself, and the other tells him that he is worthless.

Some parents always say "my child comes first"; but this message confuses and even harms the children. Our responsibility to our children requires that we take care of ourselves first and foremost. We must invest the necessary effort to release the blockages in our subconscious so that our children will have a genuinely good childhood.

Blocking codes in children's subconscious

To be a wise, modern, and enlightened parent is to be aware of and to deal with our blockages, and also to realize that our children have their own blocking codes. Many times parents have a child who makes them want to reject him; he makes them nervous. Very often that is the child who most reminds them of themselves. In other cases children behave nicely and help in the house, but they feel that they themselves have no value. They feel that they always need to appease others and that they don’t matter. If we will learn which blocking codes are driving our children, this knowledge will enable us to help them and to deal with them, and it will also clue us in as to how to work with them – as if we were given an instruction manual!


What can we do in order to become parents who raise their children to thrive?

Reprogramming blocking codes; transforming them into empowering codes

Over the course of 20 years of in-depth, thorough research, Arian Lev discovered that there are 29 universal blocking codes in our subconscious, and these codes prevent us from creating the life we would like to have. She also learned that by transforming those blocking codes in the subconscious, and reprogramming them into empowering codes, we will be able to change our choices and our patterns of behavior, and thus to live the life we have dreamed of living.

High and low energy frequencies

Another revelation Arian Lev made in the course of her research is that there are 13 universal energetic frequencies that influence our ability to attract specific circumstances into our lives. Some of these are high frequencies, which attract confidence, abundance, and joy, and some are low frequencies, which attract experiences and feelings of fear, deprivation, and pain. Each of us is connected to one or more of these frequencies. When we recognize that we are connected to a low frequency, we can transform it into a high frequency. We can achieve all this through inner work that will enable us to change the reality that we attract into our lives.

The Arian Lev System for Programming the Subconscious and for transforming frequencies

Based on these discoveries, Arian developed the Arian Lev System for the Science of the Subconscious, a proven, systematic, effective method for changing our reality, releasing patterns that hinder us, and achieving our goals in all areas of life. All this happens through exchanging the blocking codes in the subconscious for empowering codes, and transforming the low, negative frequencies into high frequencies. Thus, in the first phase of work in the Arian Lev System we replace the blocking codes in the subconscious with empowering codes. Then we change our low energetic frequency to a high energetic frequency. Once we know how to function based on empowering codes and high, positive frequencies, we can give our children the correct and most appropriate toolbox to help them develop; we can build a good and meaningful relationship with them; and at the same time we can use this momentum to repair the childhood experiences that are etched in our own subconscious.

Reprogramming subconscious blocking codes into codes that enable beneficial and meaningful parenting


The following are some examples of blocking codes in the subconscious that limit our parenting abilities:

“Life = danger”

The blocking code of "life = danger" causes people to experience life as something filled with constant danger, where every event is experienced as something frightening and provoking anxiety. Parents, in their desire to keep their child safe, might warn him repeatedly of potential harm (such as, “You might fall down”). In doing so, we’re liable to ingrain within him the tendency to avoid any situation that involves some risk. In order to free both ourselves and our children from this handicap, we need to exchange this blocking for the code of “life = security.” Changing the code will result in a twofold release: we will release this blocking code from our subconscious, and through this, we will give our children the feeling that the world is a safe place and that there will always be someone to protect them; and it will also release this blocking code from the children's subconscious. They will not inherit that blocking code from their parents.

“I = canceled”

This blocking code in the subconscious causes our brains to act in ways that “cancel” who we are, so that even when we want to express ourselves as parents, we feel that there is some inner power that stops us and makes us give up on it. Both children and adults who are affected by this code will tend to be introverted and will always try to please others, and parents will try to please their children. Children who have the “I = canceled” blocking code tend to be well-behaved, constantly trying to please their parents and their friends, and they do not express themselves and their own desires. Changing the “I = canceled” blocking code to “I = self-expression” will enable us to express our authentic desires and to actualize our potential as parents, with total confidence, and it will help our children break free of the influence of this blocking code so that it is not passed on to them.

“I = disappointment”

The blocking code “I = disappointment” causes people in general and parents in particular to feel disappointed repeatedly – in themselves, in others, and even in their children. This blocking code causes us to feel failure and disappointment in everything we do, and we will refrain from exerting our authority as parents. Children who are affected by the blocking code “I = disappointment” feel that they disappoint everyone; they are always afraid of disappointing those around them, especially their parents. When we identify this blocking code, we must work on two levels to correct it: For ourselves, we must replace this blocking code with the formula of “I = success and confidence,” which will lead us to a feeling of success and an ability to achieve what is expected of us, as people and as parents; and as for our children – by replacing this blocking code we will make them feel that they are successful, and we will avoid passing the blocking code of “I = disappointment” on to their subconscious.

Changing low frequencies to high frequencies

Our children grow up in the shadow of our frequency; they absorb it, and it is expressed in their lives as well, though for them it may manifest itself differently from the way it shows up in our lives. For example, if parents have the frequency of feeling victimized – the frequency “everyone takes advantage of me” – and they’re constantly complaining – “I always come home and find a mess”; “I’m always giving to others, and no one thinks about me” – they hinder their children’s development, making them live constantly with suffering and frustration, and they’ll feel incapable of doing anything about it.

Similarly, if the home had a “survival mode” frequency of unluckiness and misfortune, then even if the child was taught to feel positive about himself, and he grows up believing in himself and feeling that he has the talent to succeed – he will always find himself in situations where he’s the loser. Even though he believes that he is talented and capable of succeeding, he will always attract failure and unhappiness to his life.

Changing these low frequencies to high frequencies, such as the frequency of “the sky’s the limit” and the frequency of “creativity and joy” will give us and our children the confidence, the belief, the determination, and the courage to face life’s challenges successfully.

What about you?


Do you find that your experience as a parent reflects difficulties that you are having with yourself? Did you ever reenact with your own children unpleasant behaviors that you witnessed at home when you grew up? You deserve better! You deserve to be free forever of the barriers that limit you and that are etched into the subconscious of your children as well. You deserve to build a good relationship with your children, as you’ve always wanted, and to become the supportive, nourishing parent you’ve always dreamed of being!

The Arian Lev System for the Science of the Subconscious encompasses and incorporates a wide variety of methods, tools, and means for implementing the process of change, for achieving goals, and for creating inner freedom. You can make all this happen through accessing the subconscious mind and replacing blocking codes with empowering codes. These tools include the Arian Lev Method for programming the subconscious; the Magnet Code Method for attracting a desired reality; the Genetic Code Method for diagnosis, based on a person’s body structure and state of health; the Energetic Healing Method; and the method of coaching via the subconscious.

The Arian Lev Center offers individual treatment sessions, facilitated by a team of exceptional therapists and coaches, all of whom are highly trained and certified in the Arian Lev System of accessing the subconscious. It is also a school where the science of the subconscious is taught, offering courses and professional training in the Arian Lev System for the Science of the Subconscious.

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