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Jewish sages have coined the phrase "a healthy soul in a healthy body." Indeed, it has become clear after 20 years of working on the subconscious, using the Arian Lev System with tens of thousands of people, that there is a direct connection between blocking codes embedded in the subconscious and the advent of illnesses and unpleasant physiological conditions.

What exactly is the relationship between mental/emotional health and physical health?


Human physiology is an extension and an expression of human emotion. Emotions begin in the subconscious, and when there are blocking codes in the subconscious, they will be manifest in various types of ailments, such as sore throats, headaches, breathing problems, muscle pain, kidney problems, digestive issues, and even cancer.

When people “suddenly” become ill, they might say something to the effect of "my body betrayed me." It is important to understand, however, that our bodies never betray us! Our bodies are part of us, and it is their nature to bring us messages from the subconscious, via physical symptoms, that there is something within us that requires our attention.

Deep within our subconscious there are codes that were seared into us, assimilated through our DNA as far back as when we were in our mother’s womb, as well as from experiences we absorbed during our early childhood years. When the subconscious mind recognizes that there is a significant mismatch between our conscious desires and the reality that is formed by the codes embedded within us, the subconscious finds a way to signal this to us, in order to bring it to our awareness. It may do so through our moods, financial problems, a crisis in our relationships, or physical ailments. These are actually warnings that the subconscious sends us, and a request that we pay attention to the fact that our souls are crying out to us.

For example, headaches and migraines often indicate that a person is not connected strongly enough to his emotions. He regularly represses and ignores his feelings, and his suppressed emotions create powerful internal pressure that causes headaches, migraines, or other problems related to the nervous system. To cite another example, one young Israeli gave up a promising career in sports in favor of pursuing a prestigious military track. But because he was not fully at peace with his decision to give up professional sports, and he did not leave room for his emotions connected to this decision, his body reacted by creating painful pus-filled sores on his right leg. In this case, the sores were parallel to the pain of the ambivalent feelings that he had not dealt with; and his right leg, where these sores manifested, paralleled his entering a new path.

Why do so many couples experience fertility issues?

The ability to conceive easily is natural for all animals in the world. Why then is it so common among humans who have no apparent medical problem to still have a hard time becoming pregnant, necessitating all sorts of medical interventions, such as hormone injections and other fertility treatments? Here too, the answer lies in the connection between the body, the emotions, and the codes embedded in the subconscious mind. When those codes convey messages to the brain that contradict the conscious desire to become pregnant, that is exactly what happens.

One’s emotional state greatly affects one’s fertility. Many times women have serious concerns, such as the fear that they will lose their freedom when they become mothers, the fear that their partner will not help them when the time comes and that they won’t be able to rely on him, fears regarding survival, or worries that they will not be good enough as mothers and wives. All these concerns are rooted in the blocking codes that are etched deep within the subconscious, and they prevent the body’s becoming pregnant or holding on to a pregnancy.


What can we do in order to bring good health to our lives?

Programming subconscious codes

The Arian Lev System of the Science of the Subconscious – which was developed over the course of 20 years of extensive, broad-based research – has revealed that there are 29 universal blocking codes found in the subconscious mind. These codes became embedded within us while we were still in our mother’s womb and during our early childhood years. Arian discovered that these blocking codes control our thoughts, our choices, and our actions, through commands that they send to the brain, and this creates patterns of thinking and behavior that often contradict our conscious desires. Research has shown that 95 percent of our reality is determined by the commands from the subconscious mind, and only 5 percent is determined by our conscious desires. Clearly, then, those blocking codes have a crucial impact on our lives and thus on our emotional and physical health.

The Arian Lev System showed that replacing these blocking codes with empowering codes brings about a fundamental change in our choices and in our actions, and this significant change will be reflected in general health as well as in one’s fertility.

Energetic frequencies to create reality

Another area that Arian Lev has researched is the field of energetic frequencies. She discovered that our ability to attract to our lives the reality that we want is determined by the universal frequency to which we are connected. Arian revealed that there are 13 such frequencies; some are high frequencies, which enable us to attract confidence, abundance, and joy, and some are low frequencies, which attract deprivation, fear, and pain. Arian discovered that through systematic inner work, frequencies can be transformed; instead of a low frequency, which hinders our ability to actualize our desires and to live in good health, we can function on a high frequency, which leverages our potential and helps us to bring good health into our lives and to maintain it.

The Arian Lev System for Programming the Subconscious

Based on these discoveries, Arian developed “The Arian Lev System for the Science of the Subconscious," a proven, systematic, effective method that enables us to break free of the inner barriers that hinder us in life and to attract a reality of health and fertility. All this happens through exchanging the blocking codes in the subconscious for empowering codes, and transforming the low, negative frequencies into high frequencies that attract a positive reality. Thus, in order to regain our health and good feelings, on both the emotional and the physical level, in the first phase of work in the Arian Lev System we replace the blocking codes in the subconscious with empowering codes. Then, if we find that we are connected to a low energetic frequency, we transform it into a high energetic frequency that enables us to attract good health, serenity, and fertility.

Reprogramming blocking codes in the subconscious into empowering codes that will restore our health and fertility

Here are a few examples of these codes:

"I = nonexistent"; "I = canceled"

People who carry the blocking codes "I = nonexistent" and "I = canceled" will repress their feelings, “cancel” themselves, and nullify their desires. The repressed desires and feelings within them create an internal pressure that grows stronger over time and eventually bursts forth in physical ailments such as headaches, migraines, nervous tension, and other, more serious illnesses. Replacing these codes with the codes "I = self-expression" and “I = existence” will make possible a process of greater connection between a person’s emotional and mental aspects, and between the person’s child and the adult aspects. When the emotions are balanced and the stress is lowered, the pain and health issues will come back into balance.

Love = rejection; love = untrustworthy

The blocking code "love = rejection" makes a person feel a strong rejection of himself, and it can also lead to a situation in which a woman's body will reject conception and pregnancy. The blocking code "love = untrustworthy" expresses a state of distrust at the level of survival, and in that case the woman cannot trust the man who is with her. Thus, although consciously she wants to begin a pregnancy with him, the blocking codes in her subconscious are sending messages to her brain that cause her to reject the pregnancy. Replacing these codes with "love = acceptance" and "love = security and trust” will allow the body to conceive and to maintain the pregnancy.

Woman = weakness

The blocking code "woman = weakness" causes a woman to experience her feminine energy as weakness and to connect more to her masculine energy. This can result in either growth of unwanted body hair or baldness, or in an irregular menstrual cycle, all because the woman does not want to feel like a woman, which to her means being weak. Replacing this blocking code with the empowering code "woman = power" allows her uterus to heal and increases her chances of conceiving.

Switching low frequencies to high frequencies

The Arian Lev System teaches that when we are connected to low frequencies we attract illness and pain. If we are in the frequency of "survival mode," we will feel lower back pain and even vertebrae that move out of place as a result of our fears that we will find ourselves with nothing to eat. If we have high blood pressure, it could be due to anger over the fact that people are taking advantage of us, taking from us and not giving us anything in return; this feeling is experienced by people who are connected to the frequency of "everyone takes advantage of me." This, and various other low frequencies, perpetuate disease in the body. In order to change this, the blockage must be released and we must transform this low frequency into a high frequency, such as the frequency of "light and flowing." This enables us to take things in stride and to know how to release tension. Alternatively, we might replace it with a frequency of "growth and creativity," which enables us to learn from experiences and to develop ourselves.

What about you?


Do you have a chronic illness that does not heal? Do you experience pain, weakness, or infertility issues? You deserve better! You deserve to live a healthy life and to be productive both physically and emotionally. You deserve to feel good, to be free of illnesses and pain, and to enjoy full freedom of movement.

The Arian Lev System for the Science of the Subconscious includes a variety of methods, tools, and means for implementing the process of change, for achieving goals, and for creating inner freedom. You can make all this happen, for yourself and for others, through accessing the subconscious and replacing blocking codes with empowering codes. These tools include the Arian Lev Method for programming the subconscious; the Magnet Code Method for attracting a desired reality; the Genetic Code Method for diagnosis based on a person’s body structure and state of health; the Energetic Healing Method; the method of coaching via the subconscious; and the Subconscious Business Method for business management and sales.

The Arian Lev Center offers individual treatment sessions, facilitated by a team of professional therapists and coaches, all of whom are highly trained and certified in the Arian Lev System of accessing the subconscious. It is also a school where the science of the subconscious is taught, offering courses and professional training in the Arian Lev System for the Science of the Subconscious.


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