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About the method

Welcome to the Arian Lev method for achieving inner freedom through the subconscious, a method that enables growth, personal development growth, and the successful implementation of change processes. The method is based on in-depth and innovative knowledge that Arian Lev has researched and developed for 20 years, during which she has treated more than 23,000 in Israel and around the world. Exposure to the contents of the method, both in personal care processes, and in learning, guidance and initiation, leads to a complete change of mind and consciousness, liberation from internal limitations and barriers, connection to the unique true essence and creation of a new life reality.

About the creator of the method Arian Lev

Arian Lev, an international expert on the conscious mind, has been researching the secret ingredient that determines the reality of our lives for the past 20 years. In 2001, Arian first discovered that codes found in the depths of the subconscious are the ones that activate the brain and are responsible for 95% of the realities of our lives. While working personally with tens of thousands of people, including MKs, businessmen, religious and secular and many others from all sectors, in Israel and abroad, Arian continued to discover the power of the existing inner world within the depths of the human subconscious we all share.

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About Arian Lev Method

About the sunconscious with Arian Lev


Arian lev in Radio Florida

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